• Yes, more should be done to protect the Bornean orangutan.

    Yes, we should do more to protect the Bornean orangutan. It is the only type of ape that is native to Asia and is distinctive with its red hair. The ape is endangered. It doesn't live anywhere else in the world. They show a high level of reasoning ability and are able to use computers.

  • Yes, more should be done to protect the Bornean orangutan to prevent its extinction.

    Yes, it is important to help species that are struggling due to encroachment, climate change, environmental issues and many other factors. Way too many plants and animals are currently endangered. If people don't step in to help, these important species can go extinct within a few years. It's important to take action so that the Bornean orangutan is protected.

  • Yes, we can't lose more endangered species

    Yes, the Bornean orangutan should be protected. In my lifetime, I have watched many endangered species die out due to poaching, or because we have not done enough to ensure that the species will continue. At this rate, we will see several endangered species because we have not passed enough legislation protecting these animals, or worked to punish those who hurt them and continue to do so.

  • Yes, more should be done. T

    The Bornean orangutan is an endangered animal that is being hunted by people. It is a vital part of the ecosystem, and if it is allowed to be hunted to extinction, the loss of this animal will have devastating effects on the world's ecosystem. More protections need to be put in place.

  • They make weird sounds

    They are not help full and they smell weird and they do do anything for the world they also they can not help us with the banana shortag with the monkey eating all of them we don"t get to have a nice banana because they are all not their any more because they where ate'n

  • They make a good jacket

    They are very soft and do nothing for are world so why should we keep them? Also, they are very dumb and only eat bananas. In addition and they make weird sounds they also would make good jackets for us. Their are alt of them so it dose not mater if we kill some of them.

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