• Yes, recyling programs should be implemented by more countries

    The recycling program in the U.S. has some success and all counties should be trying to minimize the harm to our planet. It is especially important in countries that have high pollution rates such as China. Not all recycling programs are the same, we need to look at whether the energy and pollutants caused by the recycling centers is worth the effort.

  • We All Need to Start Recycling (We're Looking at You Russia)

    A recent study found 15 percent of Russians did not care about the environment, and only 24 percent had recycled any bottles, cans or glass in the past week, putting them in last place when compared to other countries from around the world. The entire world needs to work together if recycling programs are going to be effective in reducing waste and pollution. If large industrialized countries creating lots of pollution refuse to get on board, it will undo the good work being done by responsible countries.

  • Yes, they should.

    Recycling is an import part of keeping this planet healthy for the next generation. We created too much waste, which puts a burden on landfills, Recycling also helps keep us from using up valuable natural resources and letting them go to waste in landfills. If more countries had recycling program we would have less to worry about.

  • Every country should have recycling programs.

    Recycling is vital for the future of the planet. Sustainability is one of the most important issues right now because of how big an impact it has on Earth. IT's everybody's responsibility to play a part in looking after the environment, therefore every country should have recycling programs, it shouldn't be optional.

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