Should more countries provide support for individuals with suicidal tendencies?

  • Yes, suicide is turning out to be a disaster.

    Countries should do more to provide support for individuals with suicidal tendencies as the menace is turning out to be a disaster in almost all countries. There has been an increase in the number of suicide cases reported making it one of the major source of death. This should prompt the government to take swift action to cub the situation.

  • Suicide is a real issue that should be treated with care

    Suicide rates differ from country to country, but what they all have in common is that they are too high. Individuals with mental illness who suffer from suicidal tendencies should be taken care of with the same level of commitment that individuals with other diseases receive. This will cause suicide rates around the world to drop.

  • Yes, countries should provide support for individuals with suicidal tendencies.

    Any healthy society should attempt to act in the interest of public health, creating programs that support the public. I believe that better investment in mental health issues will have a generalized positive impact on the society and for that reason those with suicidal tendencies should be able to get the support they need.

  • Mental health needs a large restructuring around the world

    People who battle mental health know that it isn't easy, and there really isn't a lot of support. Everyone needs to do their part to ensure that these individuals get the care they need. It is pertinent that we look out for these delicate people, as often times these are the very people that end up causing violence and other problems.

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