Should more dramatic steps be taken to stop drunk driving?

  • I think that drunk should be punishment and even kill. We should be harsh with drunk drivers.

    I think that drunks should get evil punishment and even get kill because when they kill other people why don't they think that maybe they got family,kids etc and you just kill them. I think they get the same punishment , they should die. We need more strict law. I think that drunk drivers do not understand what mean do not drink and driving, i think that they just don't care about other people around them, and why should we care about drunk drivers if they don't care about others. They should get harsh punishment so that they understand what means to kill others around them.

  • Drunk Driving Kills

    People die more from drunk driving accidents than from guns. For those that believe that the penalties are to strict, I have a question for you. If it was you or your love one that died as a result of someone else's driving drunk, would you still feel the same way?

  • DUI laws are not strict enough.

    So many people say that driving drunk us not a problem, but driving drunk kills more often than guns kill. The only people that agree that the DUI laws are to strict are the ones that doing the drunk driving. Here is a question for those people: if your love one was killed by a drunk driver on the first accident, would you still agree that the laws are to strict??

  • An intoxicated individual is far from being able to make safe and rational decisions, and so the decision shouldn't be in his hands.

    Make the car unable to drive if a person is intoxicated. Every car. Is money really a problem? Won't we feel safer without drunks driving around? Won't our wallets be all the fuller without bills from accidents and tickets and fines? Drunk people aren't capable of making sound decisions, so we shouldn't even give them the chance of screwing one up.

  • Should alcohol be by Dr. Prescription only?

    No product causes more accidents, deaths, ruined lives and broken families than alcohol. Yet we celebrate most / many events with ALCOHOL. Alcohol and associated drugs should be by RX. A M.D. Knows what RX & what amount you need to calm down and get some sleep. Alcohol is the oldest tranquilizer in the human race..QUIT DRINKING, XANAX, AMBIEN, ZOLOFT YADA YADA-- celebrate with a Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi or DR PEPPER. GOD BLESS!

  • Why is it a question?

    This is a completely preventable issue. Taxis, Buses, Designated Drivers are all solutions. If you want to drink and drive and put your life in danger that doesn't matter. But being on the road means you are responsible for others peoples lives too. You should not have the right to put other peoples lives in danger by making a personal decision to DUI.

  • Why this punishment is 100% NECESSARY

    Uhm, hello? Drunk drivers are putting peoples lives in jeopardy every time they get on the road! That one person who says that they can pay for damages, Answer me one question. How much money is it gonna take to pay for the innocent lives that can so easily be destroyed?? And that one fellow who said that laws aren't based on logic, well let me tell you buddy they're based on the safety of our society. I dont care WHAT ANYONE has to say in defense for drunk drivers, They are breaking the law with their immoral acts of irresponsibility. And you stupid people that say "it wont help...Drinking is out of our hands" do you think you'd be more likely to drive under the influence knowing that if u got caught you'd get your license taken for a year? I believe you'd think about it twice, or pay the worthy cost. And the dude who said, "why aren't they more accidents if drunk drivers drive drunk all the time before they get caught?" Well let me tell you something. That's an idiotic question, but i'll answer it. Guess what? They got caught In the end anyways. And after they cause a catastrophe, their explanation of how they've driven drunk countless times isn't going to help a dang thing. Heck, that'd make it worse on them. So whatever the other side has to say, it cannot amount to that of what people in my opinion have to say. You think the punishment is too harsh?? THEN DONT DRIVE WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE!

  • Stop Drunk Driving

    We should stop this because many people die of this. Its not funny losing a loved one or someone you know do to this issue. This is one of the most reason many people die of this. Every day in America, about 28 people die a day. Wow! HELP STOP THIS GROWING PROBLEM!

  • More dangerous than a loaded gun. Stricter penalties and better education will save many lives.

    Drunk driving is extremely dangerous.

    I remember a family of seven killed near my family home by a drunk driver. Driving while intoxicated should have the strictest repercussions. It puts the lives of everyone at risk. It isn't harmless. If stricter laws are in place many lives would be saved. There needs to be a zero tolerance policy in regards to driving intoxicated or under the influence. Fines and short term loss of license are not enough.
    The punishment needs to mirror the level of severity and danger the act can bring about. Mandatory prison time (1yr min). Loss of license for say 7 years. 2000 hours community service. This would be much more acceptable. I'd be okay with lashes to be honest. Not to sound barbaric or promoting of violence but the idea of that physical pain is a definite deterrent.

    I know some will disagree with me but I'd like to promote this question. If someone was going around firing random shots from a weapon into the air what should their level of punishment be?
    Should Driving around in a several thousand pound vehicle without proper control be considered less dangerous to the public? The odds of a vehicle hitting an individual, other vehicle or building are much greater than a small bullet finding a single target(in general).

    My point is that we are part of a society. A person who is willing to drive intoxicated, under the influence, texting or whatever is not respecting the safety and health of other members of this society. Driving is a privilege, too often thought of as a right.
    The number of deaths of innocent people on roads annually is appalling. It is also in my opinion largely avoidable through education and much stricter penalties. Innocent people shouldn't die or be maimed or injured for life because of something so easily avoidable. Any steps to safe lives, especially ones that don't encroach on the public's freedom should be taken as quickly as possible to prevent further unnecessary loss of life.

  • Driving is a privilege and a responsibility.

    Like Guns, motor vehicles themselves are not inherently dangerous, but must be handled with care o avoid harm.
    When you're issued a licence, you're being trusted to be responsible behind the wheel. It's not just your health and livelihood you put at risk when being careless. Would a slap on the wrist be an acceptable punishment for an otherwise sensible gun owner who decided to go shooting when drunk?
    You're licence is a big responsibility, but it's also a valuable privilege.
    If you're caught drink driving, you should be given an automatic life ban. You should never be allowed to drive ever again. I would put the same penalties on anything else that takes your mind off the road with the obvious accept ions of those things beyond your controller such as noisy children in the back. But if you chose to light that cigarette, take a bite out of that burger or put on lipstick whist you're supposed to be giving the road your full attention, you're making the choice to risk the safety of others for the brief time that you're not giving your full attention to the road. Nothing gives you that right.
    You deliberately risk the lives of others for your own selfish needs, you don't deserve that license. If you gamble with people's lives, the least you can expect to lose is your license. Be grateful you're not sentenced to a death a you could have so easily caused someone else with you're careless, selfish behavior.

  • Texting and driving exceeded the deaths due to drinking and driving

    If you feel that drinking and driving should be punished more dramatically you are wrong. As texting and driving now leads to more deaths than drinking. Texting and driving doesn't ruin your career and your life. So rather than making punishment any more harsh for drinking, I believe the real concern should be focused on something that now takes more lives per year than drinking.

  • No, it won't help.

    Drinking is uncontrollable. Even if we use stricter laws, bars are still open. They are still selling beer. And even though we make stricter and more dramatic steps in these things, beer is still legal to the public and should still be sold in the US. It will make a difference, but beer is still sold.

  • No, because why waste money on something that is uncontrollable?

    I really do not see where anything can be done to prevent it. I know that the laws can be made much stronger, and that might work to prevent someone from getting drunk and deciding to drive. But, then again, when people drink, their mind is impaired, and their thinking and rationalizing abilities are not 100%. So, what's to stop them? Adults cannot be babysat.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • The penalties are too harsh.

    Many drivers are pulled over and subsequently arrested due to the amount of alcohol within them. Although the chances of an accident are increased, this should not be reason enough to put someone in jail and treat him/her like a criminal. If no one was hurt and there was no accident, it is not fair to violate the driver's liberty and freedom because of damages that "could have taken place."

    Many drivers are still capable of driving after a few drinks. If there is an accident, they will pay for it. The limit should not be .08. It was .1 in the past. Who is deciding whether or not the driver is capable of driving? Based on vision tests?

    And if the driver walks a straight line, says the ABC's, and is coherent, but has a BAC of .08? Because of a traffic violation like, for example, a right on red when no cars are coming? Is this an unsafe move on the road?

    Police are out to bust. They should be more empathetic to citizens.

  • If drunk drivers drive drunk many times, why aren't there more fatalities?

    People argue that drunk drivers drive drunk many times before getting caught. Why weren't there many accidents? Or many fatalities, since MADD will have you believe that each and every drunk driving incident could have been a fatality? You could have killed someone! We hear that all the time. So, why didn't all of these drunk drivers who drove drunk 70-80 times before being caught, kill 70-80 people? The dramatic steps should be to wise up and realize MADD has pressured lawmakers into creating a punitive system that causes extreme hardship on good people. Lawmakers should discard this system and develop one that doesn't hurt drivers who did not hurt anybody.

  • The first offense should be strictly for treatment.

    The defendant should receive a fair opportunity to get alcohol or drug treatment for as long as necessary. Society is trying to play doctor, and clearly has failed. Let the doctors treat the alcoholic or addict. Doctors don't punish people who cause no harm and are suffering from a deadly disease. That doctor would have no patients. Doctors provide care, which is what society needs to do, as well. Alcoholism is a complex disease with genetic origins. Don't blame the alcoholic for being an alcoholic and for committing a harmless traffic offense. As with any traffic matter, if a serious injury occurs, there should be tougher consequences. Otherwise, forget about it. Enough is enough.

  • Laws are not based on Facts

    The laws are based on hysteria, not logic. It's the one traffic offense that can be attributable to disease, yet it's the most harsh. The severity makes it more difficult for alcoholics to achieve sobriety, as they cannot afford treatment. The laws should be lightened and the focus should be on health and medical attention. Those who wish punishment probably do not have a good understanding of addiction, but think they know everything. Every time there is a fatality from a repeat offender, think about what would have happened had the drunk driver had a kinder approach to sobriety.

  • Way way way too harsh

    I dont think the punishment should be anything more than a fine. I have known people who lost their license for a year, that's absolutely ridiculous. How is a person supposed to support themselves? The cops who give out DUI charges should be ashamed, they're preventing our human right to the pursuit of happiness.

  • An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure - drink responsibly

    We should first focus on prevention. People should drink responsibly regardless of if they get behind the wheel or not. And people should look out for others (whether you know them or not) - which we already do in small part today when people don't get served at a bar if the bartender believes they've had too much. We need to look at other preventative measures that encourage responsible socializing for people of all ages.

    Before we consider enacting any legislation, we should looks at the facts (what is the problem, how big is it, how much of it gets solved by legislation - and real numbers/statistics, not opinions). Then we need to know the costs. The US spends too much money on regulation. Sure, we can all argue it's in our best interest, but the mentality that we fund anything, and everything, is putting the US in debt.

    In this case, we have strict laws, the impacts are known, we don't need more. Even MADD has said the problem is repeat offenders not a lower BAC level. Funny, it's like airport security - we know the profile of offenders but instead we make it difficult for everyone!

  • I Was Hit

    A drunk driver hit me many years ago. I do not wish evil things on her. I hope she got the help she needed and is clean and sober today. Accidents happen every day and you are much more likely to be hit by a sober driver than a drunk driver. Texting-while-driving kills more people than any traffic offense. Back off the drunk drivers and let them get the help they need so they don't hurt anybody in the future.

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Anonymous says2013-05-16T01:15:11.667
Yes, more dramatic steps should be taken to stop drunk driving, otherwise there will just be more heartbroken families and young lives lost.
booftah says2013-12-01T14:14:03.913
I know someone that just went for his 14th dui this week and is still a free man. He has travelled around the country state to state hiding this fact. I think its appauling. He should have been banned for life and done jail time. But the judge thought it was his fourth offence. It truelly disgusts me because this man has no respect for anyone or anything. Our roads are not safe because of him. He will continue to drink and drive till he kills an innocent person but who cares it seems.