• Yes, more famous women should have their face on currency.

    Yes, more famous women should have their face on currency. Women have contributed a great deal to this country. They should not be left off of currency. It seems as though more importance is placed on the contributions of men, however, women have made contributions that are just as important.

  • More women should be featured on currency.

    I absolutely believe that more currency should feature prominent women. There are so many influential women in our world who have revolutionized the way we think, act and live. We should be celebrating their successes with the same amount of praise and attention as has been done for their male counterparts.

  • Yes, because the journey towards true equality needs it.

    Many women have impacted history, particularly in more recent times. Progression demands that these women be recognized as important figures and, as such, should be equally displayed on currency. From high value bills to the smallest value coin, women should be represented fairly, considering the steps that have already been taken to promote gender equality.

  • Yes, there are plenty of women who deserve a spot.

    By only putting men on our paper currency, we are ignoring hundreds of women whose accomplishments merit inclusion on our bills. The addition of Harriet Tubman is a great start. It would be good to see more women honored, ranging from voting rights activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton and computer coding expert Grace Hooper.

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