• Yes, more House Republicans should vote for Hilary Clinton

    Yes, more House Republicans should vote for Hilary Clinton because Donald Trump's views are an extreme of the Republican party that are not in line with many of the more moderate House Republicans. Even Republicans should question whether Donald Trump is actually suitable to run the country with the views that he possesses.

  • Yes, more House Republicans should vote for Hillary Clinton.

    Normally, I'm all for party unity: Democrats should vote for Democrats and Republicans should vote for Republicans. But, this year's presidential race has changed everything. The Republicans are stuck with a candidate that they don't like. It's difficult for many of them to truthfully say they will back Donald Trump in the general election. Those Republicans, the ones that truly don't like Trump, should do, as Ted Cruz said, and "vote their conscience." If that means they can't vote for the Republican candidate, then they should vote for Hillary Clinton.

  • House Republicans should jump on the Clinton train

    One of the House Republicans has now announced he will vote for Hillary Clinton, making him the first House Republican to cross party lines. More of his colleagues should join him. Republican nominee for President Donald Trump is clearly unfit to serve as President, and there should be more Republicans who are aware of that and vote with their feet by choosing Clinton instead.

  • Yes, Absolutely they should.

    Hillary Clinton is a much better choice than Donald Trump who continues to put his foot in his mouth and prove that he is a raving lunatic. The country deserves a much better president that actually knows what it takes to run a country and is willing to compromise and negotiate.

  • Hillary Never said,"I cannot tell a lie.".

    Elections give the people of a country to make a correction when the policies of one administration have proven to be the wrong path for the country to have taken. Electing Hillary Clinton to the presidency would just be like giving Obama a third term in office . Allowing the Clintons back into the White House would be establishing a Clinton dynasty

  • Are you Kidding Me!

    Hilary Clinton has been nothing but scandal after scandal. Starting way before Bill even took the oval. Whitewater, the clinton foundation, bengazi, you name it she has been nothing but trouble in every area. Thats before we get into this email scandal. What tops it off, I don't even believe she won the Democratic Nomination. If this argument was for Bernie, I could understand that. She is trouble.

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