• Agree, Being Gay does not impact performance

    I believe one's sexual orientation does not matter when it comes to one's performance in public office. Also, I believe more LGBT individuals should run as it will be representative of a community that has been largely ignored. I think our public leaders should represent all persons within the population.

  • Openly gay individuals should run for public office

    As acceptance of the LGBTQ community has continued and even increased, this is a good sign that there is likely to be more support for openly gay people to run for public office. This will only continue to strengthen the place that these individuals enjoy in a more accepting society.

  • Voting is a democratic process

    In a fair and democratic process, the person with the most votes wins. The 'best' candidate for the job gets the job, based on majority vote. Gay people could argue that is is their Constitutional right to run for office, and be elected. Gay people must go through the same process as other candidates to get nominated. Only 14 states allow gay marriage. Gay candidates running in these liberal-minded states may seem more favorable to the general public, especially if these gay candidates are married. In other states, gay people will have a tough time. Most people with traditional values will not accept gays in office. The Florida nightclub shootings is a wake-up call to this fact.

  • Yes, more openly gay people should run.

    Openly LGBTQ are vastly underrepresented in political offices, and it is time that changes. The more LGBTQ that run for office, the more that their interests are represented in political office. The public will also learn that many of these intrests are the same as everyone else's and that not all LGBTQ agree on every issue.

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