• Yes. People should watch the International Math Olympiad.

    Encouraging competitive Math activities should be allowed to be glamorized to be more attractive to people and children. The Math stigma for a lot of people happens during childhood/teens and I firmly think that a lot of what someone has the ability to do first starts with the idea that they can achieve it.

  • Yes, more people should watch the International Math Olympiad

    Yes, more people should watch the International Math Olympiad. This may help to encourage sop interest in math. people watch sports competitions and other types of competitions. Educational competitions should be just as popular to encourage people to participate in these types of events and become more dedicated to education.

  • I don't believe more people should wath the International Math Olympiad because I wouldn't.

    I believe that people should watch the sports that they are interested in watching. The International Math Olympiad probably does not interest most people, so wanting more participation is wishful thinking. In my opinion only a small percentage of people would understand or completely comprehend what is taking place in this Olympiad and will struggle in drawing spectators.

  • Not as many people are interested in the International Math Olympiad

    Math is an integral part of everyone's life, but only a small percentage of the population have an interest in it. You can't force people to enjoy something that they do not relate to. Many people are interested in athletic competitions. Math competitions are just not as exciting or interesting to watch.

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