• If you believe in such magical nonsense, you shouldn't need medical care.

    I'll try to keep any bias out of the following paragraph, but note that there may be some bias.

    These religions have rules, and rules have to be followed - no matter how misguided or stupid they are. You should have faith in your religion, and if you don't have faith in your God, then you shouldn't be in that religion. If you are going to believe in that magical nonsense, don't come to us when you find out it doesn't work. You chose to believe that a magical fairy in the sky is going to heal you, so have faith in your religion, your God, and who knows, your cold might go away.

  • Nobody should be denied

    I don't care what religion you are. You should not be denied medical care or deny it it somebody else. The decision should be yours and yours alone. I know this discussion isn't just about God, but God gave doctors the knowledge to help us get better and keep us alive in some situations. Nobody should be able to make that decision for another person. The choice should be yours. Period.

  • No, more religions should not deny their followers medical care.

    Although religions can and do have their own sets of rules, and it is important for members to follow those rules, not being allowed to access medical care should not be one of them. I believe in the power of prayer, and I believe in miracles, but I also believe that people should have a choice of whether or not to tap into the wisdom and training of doctors and other practitioners in the medical community. To deny anyone access to these services is both misguided and potentially dangerous.

  • More religions should not deny their followers medical care

    More religions should not deny their followers medical care, but that is the great thing about the United States Constitution. It guarantees freedom and liberty. Even the freedom and liberty to be stupid or make stupid decisions. However, if someone wants to let their religion be their guiding medical principle, then that should be their choice.

  • Religions should not deny their followers medical care.

    Religions should not deny their followers medical care. Only healthy people can practice their religion in a healthy way. Religion should not unnecessarily impose pain and suffering. When proper medical care and facilities are available, people should not turn away from them. God surely helps, but people should also learn to help themselves.

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