Should more superstars follow the lead of John Cena and grant wishes for sick kids?

  • Yes, John Cena sets a good example.

    John Cena has been a leader in helping kids through programs such as Make-a-Wish. He has a kind heart and helps these kids, and make them have something to look forward to and have a better day in their tough life. Cena has set an example of how a famous person get set time out of their busy lives and helps the less fortunate.

  • Yes, more superstars should follow the lead of John Cena.

    John Cena is a man with a big heart: helping to grant the wishes of sick children. There should be more superstars that follow his lead to bring some joy to the lives of children suffering from illnesses. Many of the shallow and material things that superstars pursue in their lives do not make them happy; while helping children would be much more fulfilling.

  • Yes, granting wishes for sick kids is amazing.

    It would be wonderful if more famous people granted wishes for sick kids. Celebrities have a huge influence on young people and to see them doing good would be very beneficial. As a parent, there is no greater fear than your kids getting very sick. To have famous people visit kids and make their wishes come true is just fantastic.

  • Yes, absolutely, it is the right thing.

    The one thing you can't question John Cena on is his dedication and committment to inspiring others and being a role model. I personally don't get his appeal but I'll give him credit for using his fame in a positive way. That is the thing what other superstars have to follow.

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