• Yes, more time should be spent researching dinosaurs.

    Yes, scientists should devote more time to researching dinosaurs. By doing so, they might gain a better understanding of the forces at play that led to their extinction. This could help scientists to make recommendations about the types of changes that humans need to make in order to prevent our own future extinction.

  • Dinosaur research is important

    When many people think about dinosaur research, the character Ross Geller from "Friends" comes to mind, with all his nerdy enthusiasm. However, it is a legitimate field that should be more widely accepted. Researching dinosaurs helps us learn about Earth's geological past, something we would otherwise know very little about.

  • No, evidence of their existence is enough.

    Spending more time to research on dinosaurs is a waste of resources, for one big reasons- we cant reintroduce them. The remains found in different places around the world proving that they once existed is enough to put to an end research on those gigantic creatures. let the time be used to research effective ways of preserving the endangered animal species we have.

  • Focus on the present.

    No, I do not think that more time and money needs to be spent studying dinosaurs. Instead, I would like to see our best minds focusing on things that really matter today. I would much rather have a cure for childhood cancer or a cancer vaccine than learning more about creatures that no longer exist.

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