• Yes, mosques should be allowed to accept foreign funding

    Mosques are in need of foreign funding to support and maintain their religious centers. Just as the other churches share resources, and the Catholic churches in America draw resources from the Vatican, we need to allow mosques to do the same. It is more important to maintain an open dialogue with Muslim leaders to recognize potential terrorist groups that may be part of the Muslim religion.

  • Yes, organized religion is international.

    Yes, mosques should be able to accept foreign funding. Faith is international and has no borders, and mosques should be able to accept resources and funding from their fellow Muslims around the world. Other religions, such as Christianity, have churches that accept foreign donations from individuals and organizations. Churches donate to foreign organizations for charity and evangelical purposes as well. Mosques and Islam should be allowed the same freedom, under the principle that religious freedoms should be protected for all citizens.

  • Mosques should have foreign funding

    The French have announced that they plan to ban mosques from accepting foreign funding. They shouldn't do so: many mosques rely on foreign donors to keep running, as they often face discrimination and a lack of funding from their own municipalities. The French are therefore in the wrong for eliminating a main source that keeps the doors of many a mosque open.

  • Foreign funding should be closely monitored.

    Unfortunately mosques have shown time and again that they are unable to stop people who practice their religion inside their mosque, from committing acts of terrorism. For this reason mosques need to be more closely monitored, one of which should be foreign funding. Perhaps they shouldn't be completely blocked from accepting foreign funding, but it should be vetted. Unfortunately because it is religion people take offense and make accusations that it is racism. Yet if a private company had terrorists amongst its employees and made no clear effort to stop it happening they would right be heavily clamped down on. Islam and individual mosques can't hide behind the tag of "it's religion therefore you can't do anything against us we don't like", their foreign funding and wider activities should be monitored, and when appropriate, blocked.

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