• Why keep mosquitoes?

    Why were mosquitoes ever existent? What purpose do they serve? All they do is spread diseases, suck blood and kill off other species. Mosquitoes are a nuisance that should be eradicated. They're annoying not only to humans but to other animals species. Yes, it is upsetting to make another species extinct, but there's is a good reason. Should we let mankind suffer or eliminate the source of suffering? Survival instincts, guys.

  • Mosquitoes should be eradicated.

    I believe that all mosquitoes should be eradicated. I am not a scientist, but I am not aware of
    any constructive purpose that mosquitoes serve.
    I am aware of the fact that they are a nuisance and they aid in the
    spreading of many diseases. We should
    eliminate all of them if we can.

  • Yes, mosquitos should be eradicated.

    There is no good reason for not eradicating mosquitoes. Mosquitoes spread discomfort and disease. They serve no purpose in the general circle of life or the food chain. Mosquitoes as a food source could easily be replaced by other insects that do not readily spread disease. The benefits of possibly eradicating diseases such as malaria far outweigh and possible consequneces of eradicating mosquitoes.

  • Of course not

    Yes, I get that they are becoming a problem, and I'm not trying to anthropomorphize, but seriously?! We want to wipe out mosquitos because they are killing lots of our species and we want our species to flourish. Mosquitos need to do the same to flourish. It's impossible to know really which species should survive, considering that neither humans nor mosquitos fill a niche that other animals can't.

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