• Movies should use less CGI and more practical effects

    LessMovies should use more CGI and more practical effects, because while CGI his advanced very far, it still looks rather cartoonish and fake. Nothing can replace the realness of people, The nuances, the facial expressions and the reality of having a human on screen. Do away with CGI effects, it stinks.

  • More practical effects should be used.

    CGI is just a lazier way to create a movie because most movie companies don't want to spend time on practical effects. However, practical effects allows for a more genuine feel for the movie, and allows an actor's performance to feel much more authentic. I think the new Star Wars movie is a good example of how practical effects can really help make the movie feel much better.

  • CGI doesn't cut it when it comes to good cinema

    Advancement in film technology has made for impressive visuals thanks to Computer Generated Images, more commonly known as CGI. However, this makes films more shiny and effect-laden, which means that good storytelling is often lost in favor of, say, something blowing up. Films should use more practical effects in order to create a more intimate and friendly cinema-going experience.

  • No they should use whatever they feel like

    Movie companies should just use whatever effects they care to use. People that do not CGI will not attend those films and vice-versa, people that do not enjoy more organic effects will probably not frequent those types of films. They should use whatever effects bring in the paying customers. That is what matters.

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