• Yes, Mr. Rogers is a very popular televisions character who should be considered an icon

    Yes, Mr. Rogers is a very popular televisions character who should be considered an icon. Many people grew up watching Mr. Rogers. These people loved and respected the show that they enjoyed during their childhood. Because the show was important to children as they grew up in this country, Mr. Rogers should be remembered as an icon.

  • Yes, his iconic T.V. program should not be forgotten

    As one of the younger generation enthralled by the happenings in Mr. Rogers' neighborhood, it is my opinion that he should be considered an icon. Mr. Rogers posed a very different environment for children than the typical children's television program of the era (see Blue's Clues) and provided what was essentially a grandfather figure to the scores of children who tuned in (with their parent's permission, of course!) during the hours after school. Mr. Rogers' program provided a look at the real world in a non-animated way, teaching important information without the facade of bright colors or animated pets.

  • Mr. Rogers was a defining part of childhood for many people

    Mr. Rogers is a cultural icon who defined childhood for many people. He invented a new type of TV show to educate children and teach them about manners, friendship, and being nice to people. Besides his TV show, he was also a kind and charitable person off-screen. Mr. Rogers is certainly an American icon, and it's important to not downplay his work because it focused on children. It's actually quite hard to create engaging, interesting, educational content for children, and Mr. Rogers pioneered this type of work.

  • Mr. Rogers should not be considered an icon

    Mr. Rogers is no more of an icon then any other actor or actress on television. While he did some good things that brought holistic and family values to children and upbringing, there is nothing iconic about trying to bring children up the right way. Icon status should be reserved for people that make a difference in the world.

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