Should multiple Oscar winners be prevented from winning more awards?

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  • No, because it is a competition.

    Oscar multiple winners should not be prevented from winning more awards, Oscar Awards ia competition so locking out other people is unfair and it ceases to be a competition. Allowing everyone to participate in the awards encourages quality productions of movies and broadens the mind of movies directors to produce something different each year.

  • Oscar winners should be allowed to win whatever number of awards they deserve.

    No, Oscar awards should not be limited in number to the individual's who win them. Oscar award winners should be given the opportunity each year to qualify for a recognition of their work by their peers. This encourages performers and behind-the-scenes personnel to continue their efforts in the following year.

  • No, this goes against meritocracy

    I do not believe that there should be any restriction placed on previous winners of the Oscars when it comes to their potential receipt of further awards. In my opinion this tarnishes the whole process - surely the best recipient or the best film should win the award, anything else would be fake.

  • Multiple Oscar winners should not be prevented from winning more awards.

    Multiple Oscar winners should not be prevented from winning more awards. The Oscars are awarded on the basis of performance, and, by preventing multiple Oscar winners from winning more awards the jury would be compromising on quality. Since the Oscars are one of the most prestigious awards, such a move would be biased, favoring quantity and not quality.

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