• For Young People

    I think that museums should be free for young people. They give young people the opportunity to not only enjoy arts but also learn value of culture. Generally, In Japan, most students learn various cultures by only reading textbook at school. However, it's very important for them to understand cultures "directly". By appreciating arts directly, it's possible for students to get something that textbook can't give them. For that reason, I agree that museums should be free.

  • Yes, and some already are.

    Museums are not only enjoyment; they are education, and as such, should be free. While I can appreciate the enormous costs involved in maintaining and obtaining collections, let the wealthiest one-percent of the country pay for it. The Met in NYC is technically free; they ask you to give what you can afford. But the idea of a person or child interested in art, not being able to view it because of cost, is morally wrong.

  • Tricky question, but yes, they should be free.

    I think art exhibits should be free for the public. I do, however, think twice a year, the museums should host a fundraising event to help pay for the cost of upkeep. They do it all the time. Wealth buyers pay $100 for a plate and the proceeds are given to the museum. If you decide you want to buy the art, the proceeds should go to the artist, with a fee going to the museum.

  • Yes, museums should be free

    Museums provide culture and inspire learning in the youth and population of a country, and lead to an increased sense of wonder and desire to explore. For purely selfish reasons, corporations and businessmen should strive to support museums and other cultural destinations, in hopes that generations of future workers are more creative and able to do good work.

  • Yes because yes

    We are poor people and we have no money for museums. More museums should offer free admission during specified hours or days of the week. In the end of the last bell, studen have opportunity to visit some popular museums, art galleries, cinemas, theatres. Thank you for your attension. :)

  • Because people that have access to knowledge know more.

    Some museums do it already. According to the survey, “museums in major cities – especially those that attract tourists – by and large charge for entry. Their counterparts in areas with fewer international tourists or which rely on local visitors are more likely to be free because they need those visitors to return.”
    In other words, a city’s “tourism desirability” can make the difference between free admission and a hefty fee.

  • Yes, museums should be free

    Because museums have a valuable role in preserving and transmitting history and heritage to new generations. Free access will encourage more people to find out about their country and help the national unity and identity, while promoting greater understanding and acceptance of foreign cultures. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS ;)

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  • Museums yes free

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  • You heard of taxes boi?

    If a paid ticket wasn't required to enter museums, someone still has to fund them right? YEAH! The government can do that! Oh wait... There is one way that the government likes to get its money: TAXES! YOU WOULD HAVE TO PAY MORE TAXES! Do you want to pay more taxes 'yes' people!?

  • Law of Economics: TANSTAAFL

    There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Nothing is free, but in this day and age we have a mindset of entitlement. Also, if the people don't pay and funds don't cut it, then the government will pay, then people will pay by taxes, and our nation will pay by debt.

  • Pass of the time get pass of the value.

    If there is no care or clean the object most of them will get worse and may be valueless....
    So a penny in your pocket can help prevent it .
    I didn't say that you must pay a lot of money on them
    but you can donate a little for better quality.

  • No no and more no

    If museums are free then the museum wouldn't get money which means who is going to pay the workers in the museum, which then leads to why should valuable things be important, and then that leads to nothing would be important anymore. That is why I think we should make museums be free

  • Pay, But Less.

    Museums need money to fund themselves. Those who wish to visit a museum should have to make some sort of donation, but they should be able to choose how much that amount would be. So then financial situation does not matter, and anyone can visit a museum. Or perhaps, a lower cost, perhaps $5, to keep the price low and regular. Artists deserve recognition and respect for their hard work, and museums need income.

  • Museum won't have enough to support itś self

    Because it would be free,museums would lose money because they won get the money from the entrance fee and they will have to make the prices on things in the gift shop or on anything else that they can earn money on and that would make the customers angry for the very high prices for one little toy for their child

  • Charge, but not much

    The lesser the cost, the more likely schools and others would come back over and over. So no, museums should not be free but the cost should be lower to draw different crowds of all financial levels. Museums are becoming more and more bare, we need to keep up the amount of attendance.

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