Should music that glorifies violence towards women be banned?

  • People have the right to say what they want...To an extent.

    I'm assuming anyone who says no to this is male and doesn't have to worry about how these videos will increase their risk of being attacked simply because of their gender. In one study on the effect of sexual portrayals of females in music videos on college students’ perceptions of date rape, the highly violent and sexualized music video had a greater effect on males’ perceptions, decreasing their judgments of guilt and empathy for the victim (Burgess, Melinda C. R., and Sandra Burpo. "The Effect Of Music Videos On College Students' Perceptions Of Rape."). They also found that those with more music video exposure were more likely to agree with beliefs such as “men are more sex driven that women” or “women are objects for men’s sexual needs”. People may have the freedom to say what they want (to an extent), but if it decreases my level of safety, then it is *not* okay, because now that freedom encroaches on my freedom. There's no reason why music videos and other forms of media should be so overly violent towards either gender.

  • Free expression must always remain free

    While there are forms of entertainment that are offensive in nature, I object to the notion that any form of expression can be banned. Music, indeed all entertainment, is an expression or reflection of the world around the artist and falls under the protection of our first Amendment.

    To put it another way, violent music is like any other form of expression that elicits controversy and strong opinions. Ban this, and what's next? Music that criticizes government? Music that uses profanity? Music that talks about sex? The first amendment protects all forms of expression short of inciting violence - and that's a hard standard to prove in any court.

    Besides, if you don't like something, you are free to tell the artist by not purchasing his or her music, merchandise or concert tickets.

  • Violence isn't entertainment

    Women are a part of society, if artists are given freedom that doesn't mean they can put down anyone everyone hears music if violence against women will be portrayed it'll create a bad impact in their mind and will promote violence against women so it should be stopped or banned.....

  • The Repercussions Are Too Serious To Be Ignored.

    Glorifying violence towards women DIRECTLY affects people in the real world. These incidences not only trivialize something that is a horrifying reality to every 1 in 4 women in the USA, but it is raising a new generation of adults that will continue to treat these situations in a casual way instead of working towards a society where these actions are unacceptable. Equating violence against women with cursing in music is completely ridiculous.

  • Women deserve more respect

    How can you make music that is putting women in a hateful position? How can you say something so demeaning an cruel just to raise your popularity? Ever since the 20th century women have been stereotyped as people who don't deserve anything better than men. We all know that this isn't true, we're all equal in some ways but different in a lot of ways but that doesn't mean put things like that in songs. Personally, I think women should be left out of songs if it's putting them down and affecting everyone's outlook on them. There's little kids that listen to this stuff and guess what they're going to think... Exactly as the song.

  • Wanted: Tacit compliance?!

    You speak of freedom of speech, what about freedom for an individual to live their life without fear of oppression, violence, negative stereotyping? Not standing against violence towards woman in the media is inadvertently supporting the degradation of women and especially women in weaker positions. I cannot accept 'freedom of speech' as an acceptable argument and neither should anyone else.

  • Freedom of speech is not a sacred cow

    This does not apply to violence against women only: I don't agree that freedom of speech should be the ultimate sacred cow of our society. Words hurt. Maybe they don't kill directly like weapons, but they do hurt, and can ruin a life as effectively as a gun. So when a so-called artist expresses his hate towards women (I use the masculine because it's a fact that these individuals are men) the harm he causes is much larger than the bitter taste of censorship. I mean both the psychological harm to the women who hear how they should be trated as animals, and the physical harm of those who are actually attacked, be it as because some beast took inspiration in the music or not. The ideal situation would be one where the audience would force these guys off the airwaves, men actively repealing them or at the very least refusing to consume the music, and women taking a stance against it as opposed to merely tolerating it silently. But since that is not happening, I vote for the active censorship.

  • Yes it should be banned.

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  • If free will is to be practiced without exceptions, then the government might as well not ban anything!

    It is such music with disgusting, derogatory lyrics that gradually encourage gruesome thoughts in people and make them think its actually okay to be having such thoughts. If not directly, but indirectly, art does influence people. It makes them reach out to the depths within them and explore it. And art like this, makes one explore their hidden desire to oppress and torture women and gain pleasure from that. And everyone knows that a thought is a seed of action. It is better to be preventing crimes than waiting for them to happen and then implementing justice.

  • People have the right to say what they want.

    While senseless violence towards women is unjustifiable, because the act of senseless violence lacks a reason, people have the right to say what they want. I quite enjoy listening to the GTA radios that have always gone against society for good or bad reason, because when they are the latter, they are completely ridiculous, and are laughable. Plus, if people are so against it, than go make music about glorifying harming other men, oh wait... It already exists, so I guess society is even.

  • Censorship is bad.

    No, really. It's bad. Free expression was recognized in the United States Constitution as a basic human right because the Framers recognized just how destructive and dangerous censorship is. Should we next ban music with racist lyrics? What about media that is generally violent? There are tons of video games that contain or glorify violence. Why just ban media glorifying violence towards women?

  • No it should not be banned.

    I am currently writing a research paper on this very topic. When I started this paper, my goal was to prove that violent rap lyrics that objectify and sexualize women contribute to real world violence against them. But this topic is just like any other when it comes to the argument regarding freedom of speech/expression. I listen to rap music, and I've never gotten the urge to do violence against anyone, man or woman. Just like if I watch a movie with violence, it doesn't influence me to do that. Should we ban movies with violence? There is such a thing as personal accountability. Those who do violence on someone and then blame a song, or a movie, or anything other than themselves are frauds.

  • This is thinly veiled racism.

    Mocking African American culture has failed. Apparently outlawing parts of it is the next move. Face it, gangster rap is here to stay. I bet pretty much all the people who clicked yes are white and middle classed.
    Ironically if women's issues have anything to do with this it's probably misogynists hoping to deal a blow to feminism by associating it with racism. This on the other hand is a real threat considering the recent surge in popularity of antifeminist movements and the propaganda campaigns they've successfully ran.

  • No it should not.

    Music that glorifies violence towards women is not my cup of tea, by any means. However, I also feel that if we start banning music for lyrics we do not like it will escalde and we will have to continue to do so for music that mentions drugs, sex, and any other type of violence.

  • A ban won't accomplish anything.

    By banning music suspected of themes of glorifying violence toward women, the musicians and producers become martyrs to the cause of free speech and to at least some segment of the population heroes for daring to express a controversial opinion. A more challenging but more effective solution is to counter with better music that exemplifies the virtues of dignity, equality, and respect.

  • It shouldn't do that

    Think about this, everyone was made equally. So, when you said yes to this. Then I can out me ripping a man's head off, and make a poster of it, no one will complain. If I do this to a woman, all of you would be b**ching about it. How about this, we end stupid debates about it. Stuff like saying video games are too violent, metal makes you violent. End of discussion.

  • There are better ways to combat this.

    Although music that glorifies violence towards women may (and usually is) bad, that is not always the case. Just like in other forms of media (books and film), music can be objectively used to tell a story, or present a reality or state of mind. The way that music that glorifies violence towards women negatively perpetuates sexism in society is when women hear the music and feel marginalized/emotionally & psychological damaged, and when other people use oppressive culture to consciously or subconsciously put women down.

    When these negative cases occur, censorship is still not the answer. Eradicating one's freedom of speech is the first step towards an oppressive, authoritarian society as a whole. The more proper response would be to allow such music to exist, and use the same freedoms of speech to promote social justice, denounce misogyny on a whole, and try to promote a culture that eradicates sexism at its core, instead of simply silencing the output.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Artists can say what they want, if we started restricting what they could say, they would no longer be allowed to express their beliefs (that may sound ludacris in this situation, but believe me if we started censoring it wouldn't stop at violence towards women). I'm not saying I agree with the message, no one is saying you have to either, but if someone beats up their girlfriend or something it's their own fault, not the fault of a rapper.It's all about personal responsibility, you can't blame your actions on music.

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