• Yes is sould be

    L think music with bad language should be banned because if a parent was to hear you you would probably get in big trouble . Plus if you are singing along to a bad song and there is a little kid aroud chances are that the are going to learn the lyric and sing the song during school .

  • I hate bad language

    People are hugely affected by the music they listen to. The words in songs do NOT need to be there! Kids are affected by the music they listen to as well-- do you really want your kids listening to that stuff? It's really hard to listen to that kind of music and not cussing.

  • I am LDS I don't enjoy hearing those filthy words.

    The words in music makes me have a bad feeling that also makes me not want to listen to that music anymore. If more music has cuss words the less i can listen to music. My dad says that bad language is a sign of unintelligence in my home nobody says cuss words.

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Music the international language of Love and Peace. Now it’s the international language of profanity with videos of obscenity.

    How do you stop 3 and 4 year olds from listening to the radio? How do you stop them from repeating the profanities? How do you stop their parents from beating them for swearing or even beating them to death? Not impossible to happen if it has not happened already. These musicians say “Thank God for my career” but on Judgement day they will have to answers to God for the Rape of our ears and eyes, yes rape, check the dictionary, To take by force or force upon someone. There is so much violence, robberies, murder and rape because one has respect for anyone else and those who say profanity is ok are proof that they have no respect.
    Mo Durban.

  • No bad language

    Yes because you can get into a lot of trouble of a parent or guardian hears you singing the bad words. Also if you sing the song constantly around a little kid they can start singing it as well. This also goes to raps because they can persuade children to say these bad things.

  • Yes definitely songs should be banned!

    I mean like I hear to these bad songs ,but I feel like this also makes kids feel like they bad so yep, try to eliminate these type of songs this also prevents some artist from being nominated .. If your cool vote "yes"....Alrighty m8 stay tuned with the famous blogger great

  • I'm no prude, but

    I believe that it's symptomatic of the general decline of moral standards. It's similar to how they cleaned up crime in New York by enforcing zero tolerance. If you let little things slip, it contributes to the bigger problems. Don't get me wrong, I swear myself, if I'm with friends, or in company that I know won't be offended. But if I'm around people I don't know, I don't. There seems to be a general feeling today that swearing is okay, more & more on TV, song lyrics, films and particularly on the internet - youtube, forums etc. I feel it's a real shame, as the internet is such a great resource for kids especially, but as a parent, I find it really difficult to allow my 6 year old daughter the access to it that I would like, as I'm worried that she will pick up bad language (amongst other things). I realise there is much worse than bad language on the internet, but that is easier to screen for than the constant bad language that crops up everywhere, even in the comments of the Guardian for god's sake! Making it illegal may seem over the top, but I think it's unnecessary, and would really contribute to a better society if it was stopped. How about some kind of voluntary movement to wipe it out? Can we make it uncool? Wouldn't it make the world a nicer place?

  • Definitely 100% YES!

    Music with bad language (swearing as most people call it) should be banned! It could be a absolutely great song but then the writer breaks it all up by adding 'swear words'.People will nag on saying 'just listen to the clean version'. But i don't want to listen to the clean version, I WANT THE PROPER VERSION! THIS NEEDS TO STOP. THERE IS NO NEED FOR THIS RUDE, HORRIBLE LANGUAGE. It might be right in your eyes, pal, but NOT in mine!

  • Is it okay?

    I am currently a senior in high school. I have been all over the United States and have seen and heard just about everything. Most kids in my generation and especially the early teens listen to mostly rap. Rap lyrics, especially today is primarily filled with cuss words. They condone violence, rape, murder, abuse of women, abuse of themselves, etc. I have a personal hatred to abuse of anyone. Studies have shown that violence in adolescent teens the past 30 years has gone up over 500%! The past 30 years have been where cuss words, violence, etc have started showing up in music. "Adolescents and preteens are swearing more publicly than ever — especially at school, experts say. It's conversational swearing — in the hallways and in the classroom — that is on the rise, says Timothy Jay, one of the leading scholars on cursing in the United States. Teens are more likely to drop casual expletives, or "fillers," than the generation before them and have more trouble adjusting their conversation to fit their audience. That means adults — especially strangers who cannot sanction the teens — hear more of the same language that the teens' friends hear, says Jay, author of "Why We Curse" and "Cursing in America." Coincidence? I think not. Games such as GTA V and other like it have played a huge influence as well. They may be video games but played as much as they are and for most people they start to blur the lines of reality and fantasy. Studies have also shown that with these games, violence has also increased. Yeah they may be video games and may be music, but they certainly do affect peoples lives each and ever day.

  • Swearing should not be in an album for the sole reason of shock value.

    But, language is absolutely important, and sometimes a swear word is exactly what's needed. Some songs could use far less swear words, while others use them exactly where they need to be. How else could they ever portray anger, bitterness, surprise, or even hurt, than a single, well placed swear word? Sorry, but if you want to really give any of these feelings an impact, you just can't settle for 'Golly Gee, I'm upset!' unless the song's trying to be sarcastic.


    You're definitely not going to like the music this link leads to, but try and take a listen and consider it from a song writing perspective. Basically the entire song is building up to this:

    "Cause I'm not f*****g about!"

    And after the song reaches that point, it just seems to go back to where it started and it builds up again, once more towards those same lyrics.

    "Cause I'm not f*****g about!"

    But the second time around, it delivers. The song just outright hits you with everything it's got.

    Now, tell me, does the singer sound happy? Does the instrumentation sound upbeat? No, it doesn't. Because this isn't a happy song. The singer seems absolutely fed up. And I don't know about you, but when I'm fed up, I certainly don't feel like just settling for a 'Well, shucks. I'm fed up.' will do my feelings justice. And if we're speaking specifically of song writing and music, a medium that's practically completely based around translating emotion to sound, I would think they really need to sell that emotion. Art should not be censored. A true artist doesn't just swear because it sells or because it sounds cool. They swear because sometimes, that's just what a song needs.

    Furthermore, lets talk about this entire 'Think about the children!' argument. If parents happen to sing songs out loud that consist of swearing, then I really fail to see them as the kind of parents who wouldn't swear around their kids anyway. In fact, not too long ago I saw a woman outside with her kids that used some colorful language. There was no music in sight.

    Meanwhile me? Well, I'm going to be honest with you: I swear all the time. And while this may, in fact, be anecdotal I can assure you of this: It's not because of music, because I never listened to music back when I was younger. I swear a lot because my parents swore a lot. And when I wasn't around them, I was around kids that were swearing because they thought it made them look cool.

    If you don't want your kid to swear, then don't swear around them. If you're worried about music with swearwords, then just wear headphones (Not that you'd listen to them, because you want them banned). But music or no music, I'm afraid your kid's going to befriend people, and if they're half as smart as I was, you will never even suspect them.

  • There are a few reasons.

    1. Does freedom of speech ring the bell? Don't we have a first amendment?
    2. Artists and musicians are artists and musicians because they like to express themselves. Without that ability to freely express themselves, what's the point? They might as well not do what they do.
    3. You choose to listen to that music. These musicians are supported by the people. If you want to listen to music with profanity, that's your choice. If you don't that's also your choice. If you don't want your kid listening to music with profanity, don't let them. And teach them why.
    4. The government already tried to do this, and they failed, because of these reasons. They proposed the idea of banning rock music, and the world revolted.
    This doesn't mean I'm in favor of musicians using a hundred cuss words in a song, as do rap artists. I certainly think there's a time and place for profanity, and it should be used respectfully. I simply think this is a FREE country, with a first amendment that allows us to say as we want.

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  • You say what now!

    Why would people want to ban swearing? I mean everybody expresses themselves in different ways like the way you dress the people you hang out with and the way you talk. According to the first amendment, we have a freedom of speech and ect. My point is, the way you carry yourself explains how you feel about something and your beliefs so whatever you choose to say, people shouldn't judge you for it!

  • Nothing wrong here

    People enjoy this music. It helps the american economy when american artists are paid for cd and song downloads through Itunes words are just sound and sound is just vibration of the vocal cords we can help our country and the world through such a big impact nationally & internationally.

  • What a ridiculous idea!

    Next thing you know, movies with swearing will be banned, then TV, then books, until eventually swearing is itself banned. The idea that swearing should be done away with is such an outdated concept. And to the guy who said yes, do you really believe your kids won't hear the swearing somewhere else anyway? Maybe if you're so concerned about their learning swear words then you should step in and keep them away from the music yourself, rather than impose your outdated conservative mindset on the rest of normal society.

  • Fascist nanny state

    Government banning free content equals fascist nanny state. If you don't like some music then don't listen to it. We don't need the government to nanny us all, tell us what to say, eat, listen to, etc. Keep the government out of music. Keep the government from banning everything. .

  • This guy next to me,

    Has never listened to the reverend CHIEF KEEF his beats make me alive.
    Also freedome of speech. The fact that you could deny bad language music is an outrage to the "hoodrat" community with out this demographic we will never be able to see the true beauty of this hoodrat community BECAUSE YOU DENIED IT.

  • Shouldn't be banned

    Every day, songwriters are trying to make master pieces, consisting of their feelings, thoughts, dreams, and even ideas. But sometimes, they also add in cussing because it completes the song in a way they see it, not the way we see it. If we like cussing, then well, it wont be a problem for us. We would think 'Oh yea. That word does belong there!' Others hate it. They think its just not meant to be. Maybe the artists' trying to get attention or be cool, but others simply say it belongs in the song...Well what do you think???

  • No not at all

    Music is expressing oneself or feelings and that sometimes involves swears. When you think about it swears are not all that bad they are just words. I love rap and basically a lot of songs have swears and it's just because those are the ways of expressing something in a more powerful way.

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