Should Muslim parent be restricted by law in the ways that they can raise their children?

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  • No, they should not.

    Muslim parents should have to follow all of the same laws that other parents do, but they should jr have further restrictions placed on them because they are Muslim. This violates their human rights. It also violates their freedom of religion. This is not fair to Muslim parents or thier children.

  • Whose law and where would it apply?

    Most parents around the world have to face legal restrictions on some of the ways they raise children. I'm not sure here which laws you're talking about and/or in which countries. I am not familiar with Islamic law on child rearing, but I would say in the US, people have the freedom to choose their religions. If the religion conflicts with the law of the land, (like with some Christian Scientists who refuse life saving treatment for ill children) then law trumps religion. Otherwise, no.

  • Laws should not restrict religion or parenting

    Muslim parents should be allowed to freely raise their children without fear of government interference as long as their conduct is not physically harming the child. Muslim parents should not be restricted, profiled, or criminalized for how they parent based on the actions of a small number of radicals who claim to share their faith.

  • No, not unless the Muslim parents are doing the children harm

    There have been cases where parents were prosecuted for harming their children because of their religious beliefs, such as refusing medical treatment such as life-saving chemotherapy or blood transfusions. I believe that certain Muslim practices, such as genital mutilation, child marriage or caning should be grounds for prosecution of parents, but otherwise, no.

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