Should Muslims be banned from entering the US?

Asked by: garyjones027
  • Enough is enough

    Never before has a wave of invaders hostile to the very fabric of a nation been welcomed so openly by that nation's leaders. Regardless of whether you're Christian, Jewish, or Atheist, your freedom is enabled by the secularism that is a direct result of western post-reformation Christian thinking. Muslims being banned from entry is a good start, but eventually the ones already here should be deported. This is not unconstitutional, it is only "common sense religion control". Liberals advocate banning the most dangerous types of guns, right? Why not ban the most dangerous religion?

    And if you don't believe Islam is a threat, open a history book, read the koran, and then turn on the news. REAL news, not vox or huffington post.

  • Muslims are victims to their own religion. In either way, they should abandon Islam and convert to another religion or become non-religious.

    Christianity was a violent religion thousands of years ago but has progressed to being tolerant. Islam has not. Other than violence, it is a religion that continues to endorse repression of women, male domination, conflicts with other religions, persecution of non-believers, and repression of gays. If people who follow the Islamic faith want to come to the US, they should convert to another religion or become non-religious. For those Muslims who want to move to the US, they should know that the average American person has a negative view of Islam and that Islam is considered an unpopular religion based on statistical polls.

  • It makes sense

    Muslims are always the people doing the terrorist attacks. They think they are better than us even though we are better than them. They think they are cool or something. Also, Christians are more powerful and humble. They are just jealous of our religion. They hate us for thinking their bad people, maybe they should stop doing things to make us think they are bad people.

  • Yes, read up on the facts.

    In Germany the Immigrants have taken over houses, and they invade space where people live, and the citizens cant defend themselves. A hostile woman from the immigrants went to a Christmas party and killed many people. A mob of Muslim men beat a woman who is now being hospitalized, because she was a female doctor, and that is their belief in their religion.


    After Orlando Shooting today, I was shocked. I dont care if some Muslims are good BECAUSE u cant trust them. Europe has fallen already. We as the US must not fall. Ban this violent culture; these people are roaches, ready to pounce on us for not following their religion. They have a sick, stupid interpretation of god. They need to be given the option: Convert or Get Lost out of my country


    After Orlando Shooting today, I was shocked. I dont care if some Muslims are good BECAUSE u cant trust them. Europe has fallen already. We as the US must not fall. Ban this violent culture; these people are roaches, ready to pounce on us for not following their religion. They have a sick, stupid interpretation of god. They need to be given the option: Convert or Get Lost out of my country

  • Ban all Muslims

    Yes, Muslims should be banned. You can't really tell whether they are coming to America to assimilate, work, and follow the laws and rules , or if they are coming here and are wanting to commit violence and inflict suffering on Americans. Even if only 5 out of a thousand are terrorists, they could murder and maim thousands. I don't understand how some can be so accommodating to people that you can't tell what their true intentions are. It's like playing Russian roulette. Well, I for one don't want to risk becoming a victim to an attack that could have been avoided by keeping any possible attackers out! If some of you want them in, then you should be required to sponsor them, take responsibility for them, and if they commit a violent act, you should be held accountable and punished along with them too. Don't make a decision that could be disastrous for others.

  • I'm all for the ban!

    We can't tell if the Muslims coming over are doing so because they want to be American and dream of freedom, or if they are coming here because they are hell bent on commiting violence and forcing their way of life on us. Even if only 5 out of a thousand were violent, those 5 could kill thousands. It would be like playing Russian roulette. Why are people so accommodating? Especially when you already know what they are capable of. I say better safe than sorry.

  • This is for national security!

    People think this based on race or religion, but it's not! This ban is for national security, (and it's only going to be temporarily.) Besides, we can't just let these people when ISIS can find ways to smuggle terrorists in America trough the refugees. Don't believe me??? Look what happened in Europe!!! I also find it common sense like since terrorist attacks have been coming from Muslims in recent years.

  • Yes, there are plenty of muslum countries for them to enjoy the fruits of Islam in.

    Islamic laws are 1400 years behind the attempt of Western countries to become more just and civilized.
    The tolerance of child abuse and mutilation , a use of barbaric forms of punishments, subjective injustice towards women, and encouragement of violance and murder on any person with out true legal representation is an abomination

  • Donald Trump never been in Saudi himself!

    If you ever lived in Saudi, or at least in Riyadh, locals are very kind, there even kinder if you speak Arabic to them. If Donald Trump ever did ban them, Saudi could just block oil to USA, which would put USA in a crisis, or they just increase prize of a barrel of oil. Donald Trump might only hear the bad of terrorism, but if he knew Saudi traditions, like an Arab family should give half a lamb to the poor a certain time a year. That's something I don't hear America do.

  • They should never be banned

    Because they have rights to do what they want and who are we to stop them. Muslim or non-Muslim they should be aloud to enter the us without run ins with authority's . Those people may be trying to escape war only to be shut out of the us .

  • Unconstitutional and Immoral

    The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...". Thus, this proposition is legally out of the question.
    But furthermore, it's unethical to judge ALL Muslims as a threat. The Quran isn't much different from the Bible in regards to violence. But Western Christians have the privilege a right to free, secular(mostly...) education, and secular societal norms. But this is not the same for the majority of Muslims, who are not able to help their ignorance. Even CHRISTIANS in unstable countries demonstrate the same level of violence and intolerance as their Muslim counter-parts, take the Lord's Liberation Army, for example. If anything, the safe and careful integration of Muslim refugees into Western society can do only good for both the nation and these people in need.

  • It doesn't make sense to ban Muslims.

    My personal view is that among Muslim is that there is a large majority that are terrorist, but that doesn’t mean we get to ban them because their religion. They are probably just trying to get out of there country of war. Second off, it is impossible to ban Muslims because if we have law and some Muslim wants to come America and go to get then they will be asked are you Muslim. Well if you know your terrorist and want to get into country then you will tell the authorities no. Right? Yeah that's what I thought Donald Trump doesn’t think so.

  • If so, then the constitution fails.

    There is something we call the first Amendment that states that the government will not recognize or pass law respecting the establishment of a religion. Why in God's name would we go against the very founding principles of our nation? Plus, how can we possibly know that a Muslim individual might be a terrorist? Uh, you can't. It's a generalization to say that Muslims can't enter the country because a few might be terrorists. That is a blatant red flag screaming "logical fallacy" to say such a ridiculous statement.

  • The Root Cause

    People are saying Islam is a bad religion. But in reality, not all Muslims are bad. Islam is not the problem. The problem is the conservative traditionalist Sunni muslims who foolishly believe groups like ISIS. True Islam is supposed to be progressive, to encourage thinking. In the Quran, it evens asks to be questioned. In Islam, the worst person is not the evildoer, it is the person who blindly follows the evildoer. Thinking for yourself is important, which unfortunately not many of them do. If you want to stop terrorism, banning muslims won't help. It will just make them hate us even more. The root cause of terrorism is hate and ignorance, and to fight them we need peace and education.

  • Why Muslim? Really? This country is not free or equal.

    Is being a Muslim wrong? Is there an actual reason to ban them? This opinion is just so stupid. People shouldn't be banned just because they are Muslim. Not every Muslim is bad or wrong. Not every Muslim is a terrorist. So many Muslims are also good people who help and care for one another. Just because of one attack, America is going against Muslims. I believe this is not fair. No one should be judged or treated differently just because they are Muslim. There are so many Muslims already in America, you can't just take Muslims out. No one has the right to do that. How would you feel if you were Muslim and you didn't do anything wrong?

  • Land of the Free?

    If we are so concerned with Homeland Security, then make immigration policies more stringent. If we claim to be a "free" land, we cannot deny people entrance to the country solely on the basis of religion. Us Immigration policies should select candidates based on how hard they will work and how much they will contribute to our society. This country was founded by people who were escaping religious persecution. Why should we turn back on our own ideals and foundation.

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  • Not every Muslim is a terrorist

    What would be the cause of banning the Muslim? There is no point, just because a few people with the Muslim religion are terrorist your saying all are. That is basically saying we must banned every person who supports Christianity because Adam Lanza killed 26 people during the sandy hook shooting. Some may say the was terrorism because the number of Americans he killed.

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