Should Muslims do more to get the message out that the killing of non-Muslims and minority groups is forbidden in Islam?

  • Like Christianity, Islam has many interpretations.

    If you belong to a group and members of that group go on to commit heinous crimes in the name of, for the promotion of, from a literal interpretation of then the onus is upon you to dissuade, condemn and mitigate these actions as much as is humanly possibly. Anything less is tacitly supporting those actions.

  • Muslim groups should do more to change their image

    With the massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando comes another wave of anti-Muslim sentiment in America, where everyone seems to believe that the actions of one man stand for the beliefs and behaviors of an entire religion. To combat this, Muslims should definitely promote the messages of equality and love that are intrinsic to their faith.

  • Muslim groups should mobilize to do more to fight violence against minority groups

    Muslims should hold rallies and peaceful protests to get the word out that killing non-Muslims and minority groups is forbidden in Islam. It is also forbidden in every other religion as well. There are many protests in town squares by Muslims regarding their own persecution in the middle east . However, we don't often hear about the other side - how unfairly non-Muslims are often treated. The young people in an Orlando gay nightspot were merely enjoying themselves in a thought-to-be safe haven, before an outraged Muslim armed man shot and killed dozens of them. If those people weren't safe among their own kind, where would they be safe? If most religions teach peace, if not tolerance, then shouldn't people living outside the norms of society be allowed their own place to live as they choose to, under lawful means? There are ways for Muslims to connect to the world through social media. There needs to be more understanding between different religious groups.

  • Muslims Aren't Responsible

    I do not think it is up to Muslim people to educate ignorant people about the Islamic religion. It is up to ignorant people to educate themselves on topics which they argue about. Furthermore, if Islamic groups disseminated this information, the public would not listen. It would not solve anything.

  • They shouldn't have to

    Muslims should not be forced to defend themselves every time an attack like that in Orlando happens. Intelligent people are able to see that the Muslim religion does not teach such violence, nor does it support those who carry out these attacks. Labeling all Muslims as violent terrorists creates more harm than good, and shouldn't be happening in today's society.

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