Should Mylan executives have raised EpiPen prices so that they could give themselves raises?

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  • Mylan executives should not have raised EpiPen prices.

    Mylan executives should not have raised EpiPen prices to give themselves raises. As a registered nurse, I know the importance of the EpiPen. It is a lifesaving medication that is a necessity to many living with an allergy that could lead to anaphylaxis. Increased pricing for this medication means more expense for the patient. That increase in price could be just over the budget of a single parent with several children or the elderly man living off social security. When these people cannot afford the EpiPen, that increase in price translates into a matter of life or death. I understand that the executives want raises, but at what cost?

  • No, this was unethical.

    Mylan executives should not have raided the prices of EpiPen just to give themselves a raise. Yes, executives must be rewarded for doing a good job. However, pay raises and bonuses should be based on company profits; not on artificially inflating the prices of products sold. The steep price increases for EpiPen brought a lot of controversy to the company and its top executives. This will likely hurt the company and shareholder wealth.

  • They make enough money.

    Corporate greed is nothing new in this world but when you are selling medical supplies you should have a certain level of caring for the individuals that need them. You may want more money but think about that poor individual who couldn't afford the higher priced EpiPen and is now going into an allergic attack and is now dying because you wanted to pile on more money to your already big pile.

  • It is corporate greed

    So far no one at the company has been able to back up claims that changes to the product led to the change in price, so I do believe that the change was to help cover higher salaries. This is a life-saving device that people already have trouble affording, and the company should be ashamed.

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