• Yes, Of Course It Should

    NAPLAN is imperative to schooling now days to prepare young students for the higher tests and exam standards they will need to achieve. NAPLAN is also a way for the government to monitor schools to decide which school needs more funding and to which subject in particular. Without NAPLAN some schools can be left with an over exaggeration of money and others with a low standard of education.

  • Naplan doesent even inprove students learning!!!!!!!

    Even since NAPLAN was established in 2008, there has been no evidence of overall inprovement throughout the years it has been running. In fact, even the year 7 and 9 literacy marks have decreasesed and gotten worse since the start of this worthless test. It is only stressing out our children, who is only 8 and is getting no sleep at night and keeps crawling into my bed with the fear of his test score on NAPLAN. Think about that now, some students may be able to cope, but what about the ones who don't? The last thing I want is for my child to get teased, and when that happens, who will there be to blame?

  • NAPLAN is too easy.

    I have myself been through NAPLAN and I think it is useless, it is way too easy for me, most of my friends get high marks and it just occupies time. We missed an valuable excursion because of it, we need a more harde test like ICAS to actually boost our students brains instead of easy questions. Harder is better but easy is useless.

  • NAPLAN Supplies Too Much Stress

    NAPLAN only puts stress on students, teachers and even the parents. So much paper is wasted on a test that has not shown many benefits, only showing the position of the student or school throughout the Country. NAPLAN has shown many sleep deprivations and a lot of stress. Students spend all night fretting thinking "am I going to do good?". Many Students hate NAPLAN and parents have to tend to their kids who are fretting. Teachers don't like NAPLAN because if their class fails than the blame will be put on them.

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