• Think of the possibilities

    Let's just pretend that we just found out that aliens do in fact exist. I think there could be a lot of benefits of doing so. Obviously they wouldn't be able to speak any language on Earth, but if somehow we could learn each others language over several years, we could exchange information that could revolutionize all of science. I highly doubt a species of aliens with the ability to communicate with us would likely be hostile towards us for no reason. But, to think of the information that could be exchanged... It could be endless.

  • First prove existence, but yes

    If they exist, it would be better to be in contact with them. I however believe we should devote more resources to attempting to first prove they exist rather than contact something that we don't know anything about. In the end however, yes, we should attempt to contact them for the greater good of we the people.

  • Ye we nedde ALLEENs

    O yes we should talk to thos aliens. They might be friendly. There is a very low chance, but I need some friends. If you couldn't tell, I very much need some of those, and you are NOT taking away my chance of making friends. I want to die also. And if those aliens are hostile, then I want them to cum to erth, and kill me. Please contact le aliens, so I can DIE!

  • Yes, they might be nice.

    Although sometimes in the movies there are alien invasions and stuff that should not happen on real Earth, we can still try. Other life forms may be nice to us, but they might not. That doesn't mean that we can't risk our chance of making new friends from other planets, or noticing enemies that we can raid there supplies from.

  • They may not be smart

    Ok aliens may not be as smart they may be biologically able to travel space but they might just have an animal killing instinct and they probably wont understand us and they might kill us just no not smart we should wait till we have the tech to go to them so maybe they wont be as advanced as us but don't let them destroy our planet

  • Uh.....No just dont

    Do NOT contact aliens.
    You see all these movies and stuff with aliens destroying us like were some simple-minded ants. If we contact aliens and suppose they are nice. The first thing we want to ask them is scientific questions.Stuff like what type of scientific outbreaks have you made so far and other stuff like that. But even though im not risking it.

  • Aliens maybe are hostile

    Unfortunately, scientists aren't so sure that an actual intelligent alien would be nice or helpful. In a recent interview with El País, famed physicist Stephen Hawking posited that an alien visitation would put Earthlings in the same position as Native Americans when Columbus landed on their shores. So i think aliens may be hostile

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Gareth_BM says2017-05-22T14:50:50.557
It doesn't matter. If aliens are close enough to be contacted then they'll pick up our radio waves.