• It works in Norway.

    The crime rates in Norway (ignoring the immigrants) is at an all time low, due to the compulsory military service there. They have to work in the military for one year of their life, which in the long term obviously increases a lot of key life skills, and obviously improves the behavior of the people in the country. I believe that it is the way to a more civilized society.

  • A nation worth fighting for is one that doesn't force it's people to fight.

    Sorry, but I'm not willing to die for my country. In fact, I'm not willing to die for any nation. Because I have a great disrespect for every single nation. And honestly, I'm not willing to waste my time to forward some politician's agenda. Honestly, I'd sooner fight my nation than fight for it.

  • Expensive and needless

    The U.S. Government has the option of a draft. They don't use it because it's unpopular and doesn't work well. All-volunteer forces are preferable, both for public image reasons (No one can go on TV saying "I didn't want to but they made me.") and the morale of the force ("I don't even wanna be here." during basic training and/or in combat.)

    You'll run into those same problems with mandatory service.

    Not to mention the emphasis is all wrong, in my opinion. Instead of training more people to kill, I would rather see the government provide more college scholarships and funding to fix our infrastructure. If the government has lots of of extra money to spend on soldiers, how about spending some on the millions of people who need health insurance that has to be paid for by somebody? How about a few less drone strikes in Pakistan (with a civilian casualty rate of about 25%) and a bit more funding for the Farm Bill so the poor can worry a little less about where their next meal is coming from?

  • What About Rights

    I am in high school, and I am debating about this topic. Forcing people into the army is truly, violating our rights more than what the U.S.A is already doing. Why would I want to go to a military when sexual assault is happening in the military, and now they want to force people into the military? NOOOOOO! This needs to to change because, it is unjust.

  • No for these

    Government Equality
    Government equality needs to be put into action. If we have to go through CNS, why don’t they do something to make them as equal as us? We are a federal republic, after all. (debate.Com, 2016)
    CNS interferes with people’s EDUCATION. CNS pulls people out at the the peak learning age. That would allow them to pass their peak learning age, so it would be harder for them to learn.
    (connectfunds.Org, 2014)]
    CNS will delay EDUCATION. While they’re away, 2 years pass. Those 2 years could have been used to learn needed things that they should know. Instead, it is used to barely learn skills that won’t even last long enough. College students now need to spend 2 more years to finish college. (connectfunds.Org, 2014)
    Mandatory military service typically drafts young men (and women) when they are at the peak of their EDUCATION ability (18 years old). This delays individual's’ pursuit for higher EDUCATION as well as their entry into the into the civilian labor market, reducing returns to human-capital investments as a result.
    (connectfunds.Com, 2017)
    CNS is not ETHICAL. Compulsory National Service is basically forcing a person to get a job. Enough people already have a job, and we have a well fueled economy. We don’t need this many “volunteers” to fuel our economy. (debate.Com, 2016)
    CNS is not ETHICAL. There are many alternate solutions to CNS, most of them much better. For example, helping people find opportunities instead of forcing them into one they might be uncomfortable with. Volunteerism comes naturally, so why interfere with our already good country? (debate.Com, 2016)
    CNS will not bring PEACE. Everybody will think that CNS is very unfair. This will create protests all over the country. Also, the young scholars that are being sent will think it is unfair that they are separated from their friends for 2 to 4 YEARS. Remember, these are teenagers we’re talking about. (debate.Com 2016)
    CNS will anger many CITIZENS. As you can see, we are one of the many people who oppose CNS. You can also see what has come out of our opposition. (debate.Com, 2015)
    Most people are not FIT for CNS. One of the main points of CNS is to get people who used to stay sitting down, eating chips, playing video games out to stay FIT. But based on how they are right now, do you think they’ll actually be FIT once they enter a job? What about if they don’t have a good education record? They might be forced into a job that requires them to teach if all other options are filled. Then what would come of that person? (debate.Com, 2017)
    Compulsory National Service harms religions. Some religions like Hinduism and Buddhism dont not allow killing because they believe in incarnation. What if they were in the military, and that deer you told them to kill for food, they believed was there grandma?

  • People have the right to choose whether they want to sacrifice for their nation/country.

    People have the right to choose whether they want to sacrifice for their nation/country.And in this world,it's not wrong to save your own life and not sacrifice for their country.They still have family,friends.So many people are not willing to sacrifice for their country,I suppose. Government should be enlightened(no offenses tho).LET THE PEOPLE CHOOSE THEMSELVES! I'm sure a part of them would like to die for their nation.Yeah so national services shouldn't be compulsory :)

  • Why do you need to force people?

    I'm sorry, but even if the country was being invaded (it won't be) I would not get my head blown off "for my country". There are MORE than enough people willing to volunteer in the army. A draft would not be necessary, and it would only make the citizens angry.

  • Violation of rights.

    Compulsory service is involuntary servitude which is prohibited under the Constitution. Its also funny that conservatives who are fearful of an oppressive gov. Actually support an oppressive concept like compulsory service or a draft. Not to mention that this gives more power to an already corrupt gov. To get soldiers for an unvirtuous war that they would otherwise not be able to fight.

    By not having a draft or compulsory service we in fact "check" against the gov. Power to wage war. That is, the people decide if the war is worth fighting, not bureaucrats!

    “War ... Should only be declared by the authority of the people, whose toils and treasures are to support its burdens, instead of the government which is to reap its fruits.” James Madison

  • A waste of resources and people

    The United States has a vast amount of people and requiring all citizens to serve in the military spends valuable resources. People should be given their own choices with what to do with their lives, and forcing them to serve in the military for a given amount of time is counter intuitive. Besides, it makes it easier for the government to start wars.

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