• YES! If the colonists did something wrong they would have got them so Natives should too!

    The Natives weren't treated the same as the colonists, just like racism! Everyone should be treated equally the same! People ARE people! The Natives may have dressed different, they may have had different traditions, but that's what makes people who they are! If everyone were the same we would be BORING! So, that's why I think the Natives should be treated equally.

  • They should get something back from the pioneers.

    Why? Because the natives got treated badly so the need to get a thing back in return for their trouble also to have more resources. Their trouble is war and sickness from the French and the English so it was war. The sickness and war. 99% of the natives were wiped out.

  • It wasn't fair that the English made them do whatever they wanted and killed them off.

    Because would you want to be treated wrong in the first week with in meeting them .Don't you think that that's not fair and they should be repaid for not getting their respect back .Also get what ever they wanted and should take an advantage of the English. That's how they should be treated.

  • Compensate Native Americans

    Reparations are the way to compensate Native Americans in the ways our system did not for common law torts and crimes committed against them by agents of the government and by persons protected by our legal system: false arrest; false imprisonment; assault; battery; trespass; conversion; robbery; wrongful death; pain and suffering; and murder. Today countless persons enjoy the fruits and benefits built upon those wrongs. Those wrongs have always been matters that one could seek to redress in our courts and the only form of civil justice ever provided has been monetary compensation. But access to that civil justice was never meaningfully available. Just as segregation was deemed a badge of inequality by our supreme court, the failure to redress these wrongs stands as an enduring oppression, insult and defamation against Native Americans.

  • Reparations are due to the rightful owners of the land.

    Reparations to Native Americans has nothing to do with "the color of skin". It has to do with the trillions of dollars the United States as gained from land and resources stolen from the original people. The treaties through which this land was gained were false. There are high rates of alcoholism, addiction, and poverty rates on reservations. The alcoholism and addiction results of the poverty, which is a result of the relocation of a population to less resourceful lands.

  • @No, Native American people should not receive reparations.

    That whole argument is a perfect example of why they should receive reparations. There's not many alive now because of what my ancestors did. Alcohol was introduced to them by my ancestors. We committed genocide on a race of human beings not that long ago...ending in the 1800's. They put their money into casinos because those particular states make it lucrative for a group of Individuals who was almost made extinct i.e. cutting them deals that anyone in their position would's a business deal.

  • People Who Are Owed Should Receive Reparations

    People downplay the extent to which groups who are owed because of their ancestors are still affected by it today. Poverty is passed down just like culture. This is their land, and I do think that full Native Americans should receive reparations. Had Native Americans been paid for the land that was taken from them, their statistics might very well be better and not suffer low college educated population, high rape statistics or high alcoholism. At least 2 of those are associated with poverty

  • Definitely should receive reparations

    As many have said in this argument, reparations are owed and should be given because of the lasting effects of this genocide which by the way was done to countless non-white indigenous people. I understand that it is troubling to accept the fact that one's own race is responsible for so many travesties and atrocities and that the repercussions are beneficial mostly to those who are Caucasian, thus this is the driving force to be against anything that would inhibit the privileged. But as human beings, try to be empathetic and think of others for a change and how these atrocities impacted not only that generation but also how it will forever effect the descendants of those butchered, raped, dismembered and so on - just for your ancestors' greed and savagery desires. Think about others just once.

  • Yes to Preserve the Integrity of the Federal Government

    Only because the government made guarantees the were not honored. By paying reparations the US government regains some of its integrity. Reparations should be paid to the extent that they attempt to honor the original agreements in some form. If the government had insisted on unconditional surrender then we would owe the Indians nothing. This is why we do not owe reparations to the descendent of slaves. Slavery was legal at the time and once it was made illegal the government did not sponsor slavery.

  • Yeah why not

    Sure why not i mean it seems like a good idea but sure why not aa bb cc dd ee ff gg hh ii jj kk ll mm nn oo pp qq rr ss tt uu vv ww xx yy zz and now i know my abcs next time sing with me.

  • No, Native Americans should not receive reparations.

    No, I do not believe that Native Americans should receive reparations. The United States has been a founded country for nearly 300 years. To say that the current generations of Native Americans are disadvantaged is disingenuous at best. I don't believe that anyone born should have privilege over another, just because of skin color. Paying current generations of Native Americans reparations is racist, unfair, and unneeded.

  • No, Native American people should not receive reparations.

    No, I don't believe that Native American people should receive reparations. This may sound like a harsh stance to take, but the era of reparations for Native Americans is long gone. In today's America, there are not many Native Americans alive that can honestly claim that they have faced unfair persecution and expulsion from their home lands, as this was the norm a long time ago, long before the 21st century. Also, although Native Americans have received reparations in the past, it seems that the majority of it goes into casinos and other similar buildings, while the many Native American reservations remain dirty and crime-ridden, with alcoholism also being a major problem.

  • Reparations in general are ridiculous

    Nobody DESERVES reparations for what happened to their ancestors, nor does anyone deserve to give reparations for the actions of their ancestors. It's causing innocent people to be punished for the actions of others (their ancestors). It doesn't make any sense. I realize native americans still are a discriminated group in our society, but they don't really deserve to be paid for Europeans kicking their family off their land hundreds of years ago

  • Equality means equal

    Why not give reperations to all citizens who have been wronged. I think reperations weaken their nation. It seems that with a higher rate of poverty, alcoholism, and suicide it would be in the best interest to take away these entitlements and put them under the same umbrella as the rest of us. Otherwise you might as well give reperations to the Irish, mexicans, african americans, asians. All who were and are enslaved or treated badly in history.

  • ...For How Long?

    Enough is enough! Alcoholism is being funded by your dollar. It is rampant w/in their locations.
    Get over our "invasion" .. How well would they have gotten along without all of our advancements?
    They should welcome getting into the mainstream of American. They have a level playing field ....
    If they want it.

  • They are not the ones who went through it. It was their ansesters.

    In the Holocaust the survivors received money for their troubles but the Indians today should not get it. If anything the united states should have given then money a long time ago and shouldn't have let it drag on till this day. It is too late to do that for them.

  • No one is entitled to 'reparations' because of their race

    No one should be entitled to 'reparations', i.e. other people's money, simply because of their race. While many Native Americans have it difficult today, others are very successful. History is complex, and everyone's ancestors -- including Whites -- suffered hardships and injustices at some point in time. People should be judged, helped, or rewarded as individuals, not by their race.

  • Conquest is a part of all hot man history

    The notion of one culture having to pay another because they were stronger is insane. Since the dawn of or species different factions of humans have been killing each other for resources. If were going to give reparations, why stop at native Americans? How about reparations for the Norman conquest, or maybe those damn dirty Romans. Surely the descendants of the Romans owe a significant amount for wiping out so many cultures. Right? Right? Or maybe all this victim culture isnt worth the stuff that falls from a bisons backside. Grow up.

  • Reparations have been paid in full.

    How come we must continue to pay these reparations? If it was not for them losing land to begin with, we wouldn't be where we are today as a nation. In fact if we didn't take over they would still be riding horseback as main transportation. We wouldn't have had the industrial boom, we wouldn't have manufacturing lines that disappeared and went to China. I think that over all the time they have been paid reparations has far exceeded the amount that is due. I am sorry, but this current generation hasn't lost a thing. If anyone needed reparations it was their ancestors but that was many generations ago. It's time to stop digging ourselves into a hole further in debt. Besides places to buy tax free tobacco and Casino's there isn't much other contributions they have provided as far as advancing civilization goes. Oh and this whole WHITE GUILT crap must stop, because like I said we already paid our dues generations upon generations should not be responsible for a debt we never created. Soon you will start reparations for African Americans too, what a joke might as well say that our tax dollars will be paid out to 2 group of people, while your at it might as well start doing reparations for Japanese people in the US since we held them in concentration like camps during World War II. Sorry but this needs to stop.

  • Absolutely no it's a completely ridiculous idea

    First and foremost the Native American today should not be compensated for something that happened so long ago, while I would certainly agree that the American Indian got screwed and suffered immensely at the hands of the white man as the nation expanded. I believe what happened was enivitable , once discovered this continent was going to be overrun and conquered is was just a matter of by who and when . Just as the Mongal hordes in Mongolia or the Vikings plunder and pillage, the Norman conquests etc etc.
    It wasn't just us , there were the French , British, and the Spanish empires all plotting to claim North America and once the Europeans established colonies here the Native Indians days were numbered and fair or not the Indians could not do anything to stop the relentless tide of technologically advanced races greedily taking their land by any means necessary. It's unfortunate that's for sure but humans have been conquering and slaughtering each other since the first hungry cave clan killed their rival clan to acquire better hunting grounds.... The stronger take and kill
    and the weaker die ............ Another sad chapter of The human struggle to survive..!!

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