• It's a liability

    With the recent incident of a Russian jet being shot down by Turkish military forces, it is clear that our contract with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is by definition a guaranteed ticket into WW3. If any mistakes or misunderstandings take place, the countries bound by NATO's terms would be forced to declare war, starting WW3.

    In other words, if the Warsaw Pact was dissolved, shouldn't NATO be dissolved as well?

  • Dissolve NATO no ...But..

    Should the US dissolve our membership in NATO? Yes! All the "NATO' nations are mature enough nation-wise to handle their own business in their backyard. Their economies should take the massive burden that the US has been carrying for decades now.
    If we have the great and advanced military in the World that can deploy within hours or days to any hotspot ... Except Benghazi or ISIS.
    If our European Allies need our help we will have their backs.

  • United we stand

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  • Many small armies can function as one large army.

    NATO allows countries small in both population and military the opportunity to present a united front against much larger potential enemies (i.E., Russia, China, etc.). Although an individual country may be relatively weak militarily, potential aggressors should know that by attacking one nation in the pact, they may be entering into a war with all NATO armies.

    There's also an added benefit of cost reduction. If a large number of countries can make small contributions to a common, large fighting force, that leaves more money in the national budget for "at-home" policies and programs.

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