• I'm for it.

    I believe that adults should be able to authorize that their dead bodies can become "property" after their deaths. The body could be assigned to a particular survivor. That person could take possession of the body for themselves or put it on the market for sale. You know, make a little extra money with the sale of your dead mother. People should be able to legally acquire adult dead bodies for their enjoyment. The idea that a person could go down to the "Body Shop" and legally come any with an attractive 29 year old dead woman is fantastic. Another corpse for the collection. Sign me up!!

  • Any Non-emotional Arguments?

    It seems like all the arguments against are "no, it's icky", which is a pretty terrible argument to whether something should be legalized. I mean, personally, I wouldn't be up for it, but if someone consents to it in their will, then why stop them? Because you don't like it?

  • Not necessarily legalized, but maybe decriminalized.

    1. RE: Desecration of the dead.
    "Necrophilia is extremely disrespectful to the dead."
    An honest opinion, but flawed. Some may find the act disrespectful and some may not. The important thing to remember is that the subject itself WILL NEVER feel such as all cognitive ability will have diminished. Only the living will care, and certainly not the perpetrator. Your statement would be more accurate if it were phrased:
    "Necrophilia is extremely disrespectful to the family's and friends of the dead."
    But now we are entering a flimsy hypothetical scenario where legality rests atop the opinions of peoples who are not, quite frankly, directly involved in the situation at hand. But it is not my intention to dispatch of straw men so I will end this section by redirecting your own argument. The main idea here seems to be that if something is disrespectful, it should be illegal. Referring to a necrophilia as a "vile practice" could be considered disrespectful to the living half of the affair, and by no means would we see that as grounds for censorship, which is strange since when compared with your assertion, ours can actually care.

    2. Unsanitary
    "Necrophilia would be extremely unsanitary."
    There are many types of unsafe sex, necrophilia is one of them. Though just like the others, protection and cleanliness should be advised. Still, it's hardly a reason to banish it.
    "Bodies are buried or burned for one main reason: they begin to decay. "
    This statement is just plain incorrect. Burial is a ritual perpetuated through history. There are many reasons one may bury someone, they vary from religious beliefs, to practical ones.
    Yes, sanitation may be one of them. But human burial was around far longer than health regulations.
    The same can be said of cremation.
    You also mention the dangers of someone "making love to rotten meat". Which, by the way, is perfectly legal to do. Just not rotten, human meat.

    3. Consent
    "When engaging in sexual activities you must gain consent from the other person or else it is considered rape."
    Untrue. When engaging in such activities with living humans one needs consent. One does not need consent to fornicate with an animal, (Something legal in most states.) or an object. Dead humans do NOT have the same rights as their living counterparts, they lack any motor skills or thought processes. Even below that of most mentally deprived living animal on the planet. (Which you can have sex with.)
    They are an object, forced to be food for maggots and worms, a fate no one alive with rights would want to be subjected to, and yet sex (An act not only necessary to the survival of our species but also a direct expression of personal love.) is somehow a violation.

    In conclusion:

    - Corpses have no sense of self-respect and cannot be offended.
    - Necrophilia could possibly be performed with safety in mind.
    - Bodies, like objects, cannot give consent.

  • No its disgusting.

    Necrophilia should not and should never be legalized because it is immoral and disgusting. Anyone who participates in these acts should be arrested, not allowed to do it, because they clearly have something mentally wrong with them. If we legalized necrophilia, would we legalize beastiality and other messed up sex acts as well?

  • Medical point of view

    When necrophilia is performed, regardless of what safety precautions you use, you are bound to take something away from that corpse. Statistics show that oftentimes you can
    Pick up certain diseases. When the body dies it starts rapidly decaying from the inside out, depending on how well it was preserved. During my time as a mortician's niece, I have learned that the female vagina and the male penis are not preserved like the rest of the body. They are left to decay and are among the first to do so. How would you feel committing necrophilia with something that looked like it had been decaying for weeks? Then you can bravely commit the act, and the pissed off ghost will undoubtedly follow you home and probably dedicate itself to trying to kill you.

  • No way 😲

    Necrophilia is disgusting and is unsanitary and disrespectful just think , how would you feel if someone made love to your dead body , or say a loved family members corpse? I don't even know why anyone would think about legalizing necrophilia . Wrong just wrong 👎. . . .

  • Of course not.

    Im an open minded person but those arguing for legalization are either misguided , confused, or very sick + callous. The opinion titled "Not necessarily legalized but maybe decriminalized" is full of false or absurd statements... Such as (im paraphrasing): 1. 'U can't disrespect the dead cuz they cant know or feel'. Imagine your daughter or sister was in a coma, with slim hope of recovery. Would it be disrespectful to spit on her ? Or have sex with her ? She cant feel or have any awareness right.. 2. 'the families are not directly connected'. Um yes they are. 3. 'Bodies are buried 4 all sorts of reasons such as religion or custom'. Yes but most intelligent people are aware that customs and religious laws often have practical origins, such as the kosher or halal dietary rules- before refrigeration, eating pork, shellfish, or milk with meat was not advisable. Screwing corpses is indeed quite unsanitary .. Decay is in fact the main reason we bury them, whether this act be guided by religion or science. ...4. 'Calling necrophilia "vile" could be offensive to practitioners'. Good. Im sorry but they are sick + wrong. Nobody consents to this in their will. People do this who simply have access to bodies. Anyway who the heck cares about offending someone ? This guy is defending raping corpses + he's complaining about being offended himself. Shame. He also calls this sex "necessary to the species survival". This is pure insanity. Also bestiality im pretty sure, is not legal in most states. Its animal cruely.

  • Necrophilia is disgusting.

    I don't really know what to say here, I just want to vote no. This is absolutely nasty, I don't care if someone comes to attack me on this website, because quite honestly I don't care. Necrophilia is not only disrespectful, but unsanitary as well. Definitely voting "no." Just plain gross.

  • We Have Reasons for Body Disposal Laws

    There are firm laws directing the treatment of dead bodies. These laws are in place to protect society from disease and emotionally disturbing events. It also makes it much more difficult to cover up crime. While the government does not necessarily have the right to step in on anyone's sexuality, these laws are there for different reasons.

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