• Yes, he should.

    Netanyahu why has committed some truly unspeakable acts and his soldiers have committed even more unspeakable acts in his name all under the guise of war. This is the very definition of war crimes and just like any other person who has committed war crimes he deserves to be prosecuted so that justice can be served.

  • No, Netanyahu has not committed war crimes.

    No, Benjamin Netanyahu should not be prosecuted for war crimes. The entire time that Netanyahu has been prime minister of Israel, he has been required to respond to terrorist attacks. These attacks have come often and many times, require swift action. The actions that Netanyahu has taken, are ones that help to protect and keep Israel safer.

  • There is not enough evidence

    There is no guarantee that the prosecution of Netanyahu would be a fair one, especially when it comes to one about war crimes. There is not enough evidence at this point that crimes occurred, so there should be further investigation before an actual prosecution occurs. If there is that evidence, they should go ahead with it.

  • Accusations against Benjamin Netanyahu just politics

    The comments made against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by the former prime minister of the Netherlands are just political. He has no real basis for accusing Netanyahu of war crimes. It is a political tactic that is becoming increasingly common these days to attempt to portray a political opponent as something they are not.

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