Should New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie resign from office over the bridge scandal?

  • He needs to go

    Chris Christie needs to resign for many reasons. He sold out and ran behind Donald Trump in the hopes of being vice president. From what I hear he was made to fetch things like coffee for Trump, who take pleasure in humiliating his enemies. As far as the bridge scandal Christie can deny it in public all he wants but he knows he is wrong. That is something that should never happen just because you want to teach someone a lesson. How many commuters were stuck on that bridge. It is unforgiveable.

  • Yes, he should.

    Gov. Chris Christe has betrayed his constitutents with his involvement in the bridge scadal. He should resign from his position immediately and let the LT. Govenor finish out the rest of the term . This scandal is a big deal and his involvement should not just be brushed under the rug.

  • Chris Christie should resign from office

    Governor Chris Christie should resign from office over the bridge scandal. Evidence is coming in that knowingly lied about his involvement based on text messages from his staff. This would mean he was involved in the cover-up, and should be investigated. As Nixon once stated, the cover-up is sometimes worse than the crime.

  • Not just for that reason

    He should resign. Christie has basically been an absentee governor. The bridge scandal is one thing, but the amount of time he's spent campaigning for his presidential run and then for Trump's is pretty ridiculous. The bridge scandal seems like it's not a huge deal, but it is an abuse of power and it did happen on his watch. Most people in NJ are pretty unhappy with him over a lot more than just that.

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