Should New Orleans be fully rebuilt and restored?

  • New Orleans should be fully rebuilt and restored, because there are people who call it home, and anyone's home deserves to be restored.

    When a city or a portion of the city gets destroyed, it just does not look right. It also attracts squatters to the area. New Orleans is considered home by many people, and these people deserve to have a nice city to call home, and not just destroyed buildings all around.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • New Orleans should be restored.

    Many people had to flee New Orleans after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina and Rita. With that, the city really saw a slump in tourism too. Restoring New Orleans will make it feel like it used to, full of life and history. Building it new will just make it another new city.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • Yes, because it is a beautiful city, and its cultural heritage needs to be preserved.

    New Orleans should be rebuilt and restored, because it is a beautiful city with lots of culture and unique heritage that need to be preserved for future generations. However, every individual that chooses to live in areas of the city that were flooded during Hurricane Katrina should rebuild there at his or her own risk. The dangers of living below sea level are now well known, and whoever chooses to take that risk needs to be able and willing to live with the possible consequences.

    Posted by: P5ych0Ogdan
  • Yes, New Orleans should be fully rebuilt and restored, because it's currently the eyesore of the U.S.

    New Orleans has a long and rich history in America, and it should be restored and protected against the next disaster, before it strikes the area. It's not as if New Orleans has been completely deserted, because people still live there. And as long as people are willing to live there, there is no reason the city should not be restored.

    Posted by: R3ciP3Saye
  • I agree that New Orleans is an important cultural aspect of American life.

    New Orleans is a historical, cultural, tourist and entertainment capital of the south and the United States as a whole. Because of this it can bring in a lot of money to the state of Louisiana (which has been beaten up by mother nature in recent years). Furthermore, it brings in foreign tourists from all around the world and it holds one of the only Carnival Celebrations in the United States.

    Posted by: TheevilClau
  • New Orleans should be fully rebuilt and restored!

    There are an insane amount of reasons. One being that New Orleans is a part of America, and we never want any place that has history within us to be forgotten. The New Orleans Saints just won a Super Bowl this year, and it would hurt all of the fans to not rebuild fully. With all the things that have happened in southern states along the Gulf Of Mexico, we owe it to all the people there to do all we can to make New Orleans beautiful again. In New Orleans they've got Mardi Gras once a year. F.E.M.A should be sanctioned for the bad job they did getting people to safety during hurricane Katrina. If anything, people should offer their help to rebuild if they have the time to do so. This is not an opinion, this is a necessity.

    Posted by: D4rrLatina
  • Yes, it should be rebuilt, but stronger and safer.

    New Orleans is a vital city and didn't deserve its fate from hurricane Katrina. The city should be rebuilt, but stronger, with better reinforcements and safeguards in place should another catastrophic hurricane hit the area. New Orleans is a fun, thriving city with a lot of history. It deserves another shot, and it should come back better than ever. There is no question about this. It's a city in the United States, home to many people. It has to be fixed.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • New Orleans should be rebuilt and restored because it is a national treasure.

    The city of New Orleans should be fully rebuilt and restored because of it's historical and cultural significance in the United States. The individuals that were displaced by Hurricane Katrina deserve to be aided in rebuilding their lives and community in the manner they see fit to continue to contribute to the nation as a whole.

    Posted by: ThegaXen
  • I support the rebuilding and restoration of New orleans as it was one of this countries most beautiful and culturally diverse cities.

    Restoration and rebuilding of New orleans should definitely be pursued. It is a city with a wealth of historical value, cultural diversity as well as beauty. However that being said, more research and development needs to be invested in the protection of the city from future natural disasters. the city sits at sea level and need to have adequate protection from the elements.

    Posted by: R3n5God2iIIa
  • New Orleans should be rebuilt because it is part of America, and disasters can strike anywhere.

    Nowhere in the United States is immune to disaster. The midwest has tornados and snow. California has earthquakes. The northwest has blizzards. Moreover, much of New Orleans' damage from Katrina was due to either poorly designed levies or damage done to the wetlands by the oil and gas industry. Given all of these facts, rebuilding New Orleans is the only moral thing to do. The rest of America has benefitted from the cheaper gas that was directly tied to the destruction of Louisiana's wetlands, which were the natural barrier to hurricanes. The levies were built in a shoddy fashion; New Orleans can be safe if we invest in decent flood protection; Holland is much more vulnerable naturally, but totally safe! Most importantly, if we are going to call ourselves Americans, we must protect and preserve all of our nation, including New Orleans.

    Posted by: P4cBran
  • We need to start living and planning now for the inevitable rise of the sea levels. Not rebuilding for the sake of tradition and sentimentality.

    Our sea levels are rising and most of this city is below sea level. It's flooding is inevitable and to keep throwing money at it defies logic. This money could be better spent relocating these people. People need to get used to this idea of moving when land is unsustainable.

  • It is mostly below sea level

    I can't believe people insist on fighting against nature and what is naturally happening. The city will eventually be part of the sea. Not only is it pointless, it is a battle that can't be won. The city has continually battled flooding and that will only increase in the future. To those who say its got a lot of history, that is very true. But holding on to a sinking city isn't wise.

  • Everything done made it worse

    All the defenses put in New Orleans somehow made it worse, for example diverting the Mississippi River stopped silt from being taken down and deposited, meaning that the natural restoration of the land no longer happened. Also the sea defenses were on weak clay meaning that they were easily destroyed and furthermore the destruction of the marshes meant that New Orleans was destroying its natural barrier against hurricanes. Finally New Orleans is sinking every year so it's becoming more and more vulnerable.

  • They are sitting below sea level waiting for the next one. They didn't help during Sandy.

    They are sitting below sea level with walls holding back the water. Everyone rushed to help them even though they put themselves in that position. When Sandy hit NJ they offered no help to us whatsoever. They only offer excuses and try to downplay Sandy. I can't wait until the next storm to take out New Orleans so I can watch it on tv and not help like i foolishly did last time. They want help but won't offer it to anyone else in the same position.

  • New Orleans is sinking.

    New Orleans is not only 20 feet below sea level in some areas, but it sinks about an inch every year. Eventually it will be become the lake nature intends it to be. It is geographically a bowl shape, and surrounded by water on all sides. Had the Mississippi's course not been altered, it would have run right through and overtaken the land where the city lays now.

  • It is in the wrong place.

    New Orleans had problems during Hurricane Katrina because of its geography. It's located in a bowl shaped hill, and the city is at the lowest point of the hills surrounding it. There are also several canals that with even a tropical storm, could push the water, creating a giant wave that could be a potential storm surge. It would also take billions of tax payers' dollars that can't be spent for other things that would help our country.

  • Unstable ground is a problem

    New Orleans is under soil which is mostly clay, every year it sinks by a inch or so, if we did rebuild the levees, how could we contend with such unstable ground? Also, the annual storm season is coming up, which means we won't have enough time to build levees in the first place, let alone one to withstand a category 5 hurricane, the wetlands, which provides a anti barrier against the storms urge, is being eroded away due to the damming of the Mississippi river which restricts sediment flow to the wetlands which further adds to the vulnerability of new Orleans

  • New Orleans is the first of the cities that will experience drastic problems, because of global climate change.

    Our world is changing and will continue to change. The water levels are rising. We can rebuild New Orleans, but we should not restore it. When we rebuild, we need to do it in a way that takes into consideration the effects of global climate change and the rising level of the water. If we just rebuild it the way it was before, then the next time it floods, we'll have similar issues to deal with again. As the water rises, this is going to happen in more cities. We need to be prepared and ready to change our living space, as nature requires.

    Posted by: C45PKenji
  • New Orleans should not be completely rebuilt, because portions of the city will forever be in grave risk of being impacted by a future natural disaster.

    While New Orleans is a city of cultural and historical significance, and I believe certain portions of the area should be restored and preserved, so much of the city is at future risk, as far as natural disasters are concerned. Given that much of the region is under sea level, and the history of tropical disturbances in the Gulf of Mexico, it is reasonable to assume that even the construction of a more complete levee would not be enough to prevent future destruction of rebuilt houses. Should residents decide to rebuild of their own volition, perhaps a city statute could declare that holding flood insurance for the property is mandatory, similar to the requirement for car owners to hold insurance. This would help ease the societal and governmental burden when the rebuilt houses are inevitably damaged in a future natural disaster. And, it would ensure the sincerity of those desiring to rebuild.

    Posted by: InvincibleBradley
  • I feel if we are going to use taxpayer money to rebuild, then we should move the city, because nothing has been done to correct the faults that caused the situation in the first place.

    Why rebuild a city when the issues that caused the situation to happen have not been corrected? That would be like building a house at the bottom of Niagara Falls. If we are going to pour tax dollars to rebuild, then the logical thing to do would either be to fix the levy system first, or to build the city away from flood zones.

    Posted by: SlipArnal

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