Should New Orleans be fully rebuilt and restored?

  • New Orleans should be fully rebuilt and restored, because there are people who call it home, and anyone's home deserves to be restored.

    When a city or a portion of the city gets destroyed, it just does not look right. It also attracts squatters to the area. New Orleans is considered home by many people, and these people deserve to have a nice city to call home, and not just destroyed buildings all around.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • New Orleans should be rebuilt because it is part of America, and disasters can strike anywhere.

    Nowhere in the United States is immune to disaster. The midwest has tornados and snow. California has earthquakes. The northwest has blizzards. Moreover, much of New Orleans' damage from Katrina was due to either poorly designed levies or damage done to the wetlands by the oil and gas industry. Given all of these facts, rebuilding New Orleans is the only moral thing to do. The rest of America has benefitted from the cheaper gas that was directly tied to the destruction of Louisiana's wetlands, which were the natural barrier to hurricanes. The levies were built in a shoddy fashion; New Orleans can be safe if we invest in decent flood protection; Holland is much more vulnerable naturally, but totally safe! Most importantly, if we are going to call ourselves Americans, we must protect and preserve all of our nation, including New Orleans.

    Posted by: P4cBran
  • Yes New Orleans should be rebuilt and restored.

    New Orleans was home to a good many people. It was also a very popular tourist attraction. Those people that call New Orleans home most definitely want their homes back I am sure. I know I would had my home been destroyed. I believe maybe they should build a wall around the city maybe.

    Posted by: lacedjeans
  • New Orleans should be rebuilt because it is a place for homes and people to reside but with more protection from flooding.

    I think New Orleans should have a safer and more prominent landscape than what has been made for the city before. If they create better flood blockages, then the city won't get flooded and create a really bad situation for people to live their. It is a nice place to live and raise a family, but it should be kept above ground and not submersible from water.

    Posted by: waffletime
  • I believe that it is important that New Orleans is rebuilt and restored.

    When something awful happens in the United States it is suppose to be so that we come together, as a country, and find a way to fix the problem at hand. It has been far to long since Katrina hit New Orleans, and it is time that we finally come together, and give the people of this great place there home back. It is important to restore so that the great people of New Orleans can have there lives back after the terrible disaster that occurred, they deserve to know that they have not been forgotten.

    Posted by: 5h4rdEgbe
  • I believe that New Orleans should be rebuilt and restored because we can't allow a disaster to stop us from living.

    There are many areas of the country where natural disasters are common place but each time disaster strikes, people rebuild and go on. To leave New Orleans in shambles because it's a low-lying area would be like saying California should be left broken, after the next earthquake because it happens all the time, anyway. There is actually no where on the planet that is completely safe. One just has to pick up the pieces after a disaster, and start all over. If we didn't do that, we'd have very little land left to live on. The residents of New Orleans want their town rebuilt. Many have been born and grew up there and they love their city. I think that if the engineers would do their job properly, there would be less danger to the area, in the long run.

    Posted by: KimbeBeat
  • New Orleans is an historical site and should be rebuilt.

    New Orleans was a city long before the United States came into existence and therefore should be restored and rebuilt. Natural disasters occur everywhere and there hasn't been anywhere else the United States hasn't rebuilt- Florida for example. New Orleans is also the historical site for unique foods and music so it should be preserved as a world heritage site.

    Posted by: Nik0Interior
  • New Orleans should be rebuilt and restored because the residents there deserve to have their city back.

    The destruction of New Orleans was to much more than just the architecture there. What may be a building to an outsider could mean years of history, endless stories, and cultural meaning to the residents who live there. If my town was destroyed by flooding or any other disaster, I would want it rebuilt, and I'm sure the New Orleanians feel the same way.

    Posted by: Z Frye
  • Sure New Orleans should be rebuilt.

    I don't see why the city of New Orleans should not be rebuilt. I don't think that federal tax dollars should be used though. It seems to me that we have spent enough federal money on the city. Now we should let the free market take over and see what happens. Yes the city should have an opportunity to rebuild.

    Posted by: BriaBlacken
  • New Orleans should be fully rebuilt--it's a part of our American culture and history.

    In light of the recent flood of donations and aid to Haiti, I am left wondering why New Orleans has been nearly forgotten, years after Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of the city. Are the people of the Big Easy any less deserving of aid and assistance? If we can help people in a country just off the coast, we can also rebuild, re-house and repopulate the city of New Orleans--which has been a part of our history since the time our country began.

    Posted by: ElwBoardin
  • Sea levels are rising.

    Building higher and stronger levees will be a temporary fix to the problem, but what happens when another disaster strikes the area? Are we just going to waste more money trying to rebuild a city that is a lost cause. The higher levees will just make the flooding worse. I understand how important the culture is to the people who love there, but they can move it to another, safer city. Culture can't die but people can.

  • New Orleans is sinking anyways

    What is the point of rebuilding a city that is below sea level and just having it flood? Why build bigger levees when sea levels are constantly rising? Not to mention that those billions of dollars could be used to reform New Orleans's education system seeing as that part of NOLA is in desperate need of work and funding.

  • Who's paying for it all?

    It's already below sea level. The city is sinking. Sea levels are rising. To build the levees higher and do other things for flood protection cost more than the residents can afford to be taxed. So who pays? The Federal Government, so everybody in the country? And how long will the new plans be effective and sustainable? I understand that it's a cultural treasure, but what if it's simply not feasible?

  • A lost Cause

    Coast lines are disappearing and the buildings in the area aren't designed to withstand the more powerful storms that are inevitable and will also be bigger due to issues regarding climate change. As an individual not living in the area, I do understand people's desire to stay because it is home from them, but i know that if my home was in this dangerous of a place, i'd want to get out quick

  • What if theres no money to give people next time?

    What if theres no federal funding next time? The way things were handled by katrina, it wouldnt surprise me that next time, people will be left on their own.And now with president trump as head chief, this part of the country inspired by blacks will defineately face major challenges. X

  • Waste of money

    Easier/cheaper/safer to give money for relocation than to keep rebuilding same structure 3 times. With hurricane occurances on the rise due to climate change ( remember, as temperatures increase globally, the more precipitation will occur because warm air holds more moisture) its only a matter of time before people are really left with nothing to comeback to. Why the hell re live this? Makes no sense. I believe that now is the time to sell or take money and move elsewhere to start a new secure future. Remember, there might not be money to help these people next time.

  • Why should we rebuild when it could happen again

    We should rebuild tiny things like houses, or schools, or landmark. It will waste to much tax money on rebuilding everything that was once there. Maybe make the big time companies building on stilts in smaller buildings. I dont think you should rebuild all of the big buildings everything could just happen again.

  • New Orleans keeps getting wiped out every year

    Rebuilding New Orleans will be a mistake. Each year the city gets wiped out, and it's not going to do any good if we keep rebuilding the homes and buildings there. Most likely if we rebuild homes and building they will get destroyed again. It will be a stupid idea to rebuild just to watch it crumble again.

  • Whats the point

    Why should we rebuild in a place that is commonly struck by disasters. For example, if a house gets destroyed in tornado ally we shouldn't build it back up we should build some type of wind turbine. So if houses are getting flooded we should turn that into farm land and move the houses to the previous farming areas

  • Gradual change and smarter use of land

    The lowest lying areas should be bought out by the federal government or the state as they did in flood prone areas of the Mississippi river. These low lying areas should be used for purposes other than housing. Perhaps agricultural, which would bring badly needed jobs which don't require highly skilled labor. It would still be prone to flooding but people would not lose their homes. The areas that do rebuild should be required to construct raised structures to reduce the risk of future flooding.

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