• Refugees should be welcomed around the world, including in New Zealand

    The refugee crisis has dominated headlines for months, and with good reason. Hundreds of thousands of people have been left without a stable home, forcing them to make the dangerous trek from the Middle East into Europe where the welcome hasn't always been warm. I think that New Zealand should step up and accept more refugees to alleviate Europe's already strained resources.

  • Yes, I believe that New Zealand should accept more refugees.

    Yes, I believe that New Zealand should accept more refugees because the Syrian people are fleeing a war-torn area in order to seek a better lives for their families. Countries like New Zealand have to do more to show support to the Syrian people and help bring order to the Middle East.

  • Yes, New Zealand should bear some of the burden and accept more refugees.

    With the state of world affairs increasingly violent in some regions, in my opinion, the countries capable of offering safe harbor to those forced to flee their homelands due to security concerns, must do so. If New Zealand is capable of providing necessary housing and services to those in need, then they should not be excluded from this responsibility.

  • If New Zealand can support more refugees, they should accept them

    Wealthy countries should all probably accept more refugees, as long as they have systems in place to support them. New Zealand can probably support more refugees. With so many people seeking refuge from life-threatening situations, it is the moral thing for safe countries to do to accept them into their borders.

  • There are other people that can support refugees as well don't depend to much on NZ....

    New Zealand is a small country who can only take in so many people, because of the foreigners most original New Zealanders either do not have homes or can't get jobs. Including how the government supports taking in refugees they don't help the people who are in need like the poor because they're offering things to the refugees. Land is being destroyed just to make homes for foreigners, refugees or people who have brought land. This is why we should not depend on New Zealand to much because remember it is a small country and we do take in some refugees just not all. Please respect that.

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