• Fighting, should be banned

    Even though the players are very tough, they can get really hurt or even die. Sometimes go the hospital too. Also, if one player needs to go to the hospital... It delays the game and fans aren't very happy with that because they need entertainment. The only bright side about fighting is that it's entertaining for UFC fans.

  • Fighting should be banned

    While nhl players are tough and fight to get the game started. Fighting is still dangerous. Players such as derrick boogard actually died from fighting. There are many more players who have been severely injured in fights ending there careers. In the end fighting is a really bad idea and should be banned

  • Let Them Fight It Out.

    Lets face the facts if they didnt fight no one would watch it. Fighting is a good way to release anger. Fighting is in everyones nature. If people didnt fight the world would go soft and no one would be able to defend themselves or their family. Without fighting the world would be boring as hell.

  • Let them fight.

    Its a good way for them to blow off steam and excite the team. Fans come watch exciting games, not 2-1 snooze-fests. If player want to fight, let them. If they have all that steam bottle up, the could end up seriously injuring a player just from a hit. If they get hurt, its their fault for getting whooped.

  • It's Part of the Game

    Let the boys fight. Fighting has been part of the game for many years, and the game should not be changed at all. If they want to fight, let them. The fans love it, and the players clearly enjoy it. Just watch a game on TV, they smile the whole time.

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