Should non-religious couples qualify for a church wedding just by attending for a few weeks beforehand

Asked by: notalwaysright
  • I dont approve of elitism

    How does one judge someone elses faith? Isnt there a Bible wuote about paying more attention to the speck of sawdust in anothers eye rather than the plank on your own? Churches are supposed to be welcoming to everyone. Sans exeption. That is the what Jesus taught is it not? Not judging others? Forgiveness?

  • Don't force religion on somebody

    I feel that if someone is getting married, they should have the right to choose where their wedding is held; even if he or she does not practice a certain religion, I don't personally believe it should be forced onto somebody. But that's just my opinion. Make of it what you will.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Why make a promise before God if it doesnt come from the heart

    A friend mine is attended church just for the sake of getting the permission of the vicar to marry in his church. Im not sure I can go to the wedding as I know she is only doing it to fulfil her dream of a pretty church white wedding. I am not overly religious but the hypocrisy is galling to say the least. To stand by my morals and stay away would cause upset but I feel it sets a bad example.

  • It makes a mockery of the church

    I understand the whole "white church wedding thing" as appealing as it is for woman. However it makes a mockery of the church and religion in my opinion. It's a simple choice really, you either believe or you don't. If you are a believer but you don't attend regularly then you need to show willing and prove this to the church. It should then be left to the churches discretion whether the wedding proceeds.

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