• Non-taxpayers should be allowed to vote.

    Yes, non-taxpayers should be allowed to vote. Voting is for everyone and if we start limiting the voting process because someone did not pay taxes that year, then we are really devaluing the voting process in America. It is your right to vote or not so lets not start putting restrictions on that.

  • Yes, everyone should have the right to vote

    I do not believe that we should limit who is able to vote based on whether or not they have paid taxes for that year. People often have complicated financial issues involving divorces, medical emergencies, etc. Limited people to only be allowed to vote if their taxes are paid is completely ridiculous and unreasonable.

  • Definitely they should not.

    Non-taxpayers get to decide how other peoples money gets spent. Why should other people get to decide how others are taxed and how that money is spent if they are not contributing. They will then vote in their best interest, which is to tax at a greater rate and spend the money. In essence the rights of the few that are paying tax will be eroded by the majority who are no longer paying taxes.

  • As a student

    For me, non taxpayers should be allowed to vote because I do believe that each and everyone of us has the right to vote and be treated equal. And if you do not allow non taxpayers to vote you're just down grading or discriminating them. I'll site an example that person has no work but he/she will buy to mall and if we will buy to malls we have VAT ( Value Added Tax ) to be payed. NOT not taxpayers are only allowed to vote because the question is are they the one who lives in the country? Are they the one who will be served?

  • If you contribute nothing, you receive nothing.

    Much like the little red hen, a classic children's book, the people who put nothing into the system shouldn't get anything out of it. You are not entitled to anything that you do not learn. Some say that because you live in the country, you should be able to decide how it is run, but this makes little sense. If these people who do not contribute decide they don't like the country other people pay for them to live in

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  • Tax = your contribution to the country.

    Very simple this. On the whole None tax payers contribute NOTHING to the country and gain the same rights and benefits (if not more of the latter) than those of us whom actually get a demand from the tax man to cough up yet more each year. It seems such system reward laziness!

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  • Who are the people in "for the people, by the people"?

    A vote is one's contribution to the country as much as tax is. A vote however, is exercising one's right to be heard by everyone, while in my belief, taxpaying is one's task to deserve that right. Those who do not work for their voice to be heard should not be given the right if they do not do their basic contribution to a nation.

    A government is for the same people who make it and contribute to it. Taxpaying includes one in the pool of people who support the functions of the government. Those who do not, should sit down and enjoy what's left of the benefits of being a taxpayer, the consequence of the decision of those who fuel the government's functions.

  • He who pays the piper calls the tune

    If you contribute, you have skin in the game. If you do not, then you have no right to be deciding how the tax dollars are to be spent.
    In addition this will ensure a much higher standard of political debate and politicians will be compelled to look beyond the short term fix.

  • One taxpayer, one vote No tax, no vote

    If we allow non-taxpayers to vote, the politicians will offer so many blank checks of benefits to non-taxpayers which increase the taxpayers' financial burden and decrease the motivation of economic growth.

    So allowing taxpayers only to vote is the best way to stop the populist politicians to sign the blank checks. It is because the current or potential benefits shall gone if the economic decline under the heavy tax burden.

  • As a general rule, No.

    Democracies only survive until enough of the population finds that they can vote themselves benefits that are paid for by others.
    So our “democracy” might last longer if non-contributors did not vote.
    I like to ponder how well a government would function with one house elected by one citizen one vote and the other by one income tax dollar one vote.
    Or we could just replace the income tax by a flat consumption tax (a.K.A. Sales tax), and allow all citizen-consumers to vote.

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