• Trump is bad at being president

    Every country should have something to protect themselves with weather its nukes guns or really anything I do not support trump or north Korea also all they are really doing with there nukes is testing them in the water they may nuke us but we deserve it because we will learn from it we will learn not to elect a president who has no idea what he's doing.

  • Trump is an awful president.

    Lets nuke his ass to mars, as long as I'm not in the path of destruction I'm fine with it. I sincerely think President Trump could have MAGA, but it seems he just didn't pull through. Now we need a new president who is will to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  • Because they can

    What the headline says, because they can. No need to argue this like a Tissy fit 3 year old if they can get their hands on it they should keep it. No more details need to be said kthx. Have fun u noobs. 100 word marker is stupid too e.E .

  • It Really Depends

    North Korea should be allowed to have nukes just like the US, UK, Russia, Italy and China but whether or not they use them to invade a country is a whole other question. So yes they should have nukes but only in order to protect themselves from invasion. Saying that North Korea shouldn't have nukes is hypocritical as it would basically be the US saying "Hey! You can't do that only we can do that". However North Korea and especially Kim Jung-Un is unpredictable and a serious threat but then again when Russia and the US built their nuclear weapons they where to. So like most things in this world is not black and white.

  • 肯 定 不 行

    朝 鲜 要 是 有 了 核 武,那 岂 不 是 要 上 天 , 就 金 三 胖 那 脑 子 指 不 定 哪 天 心 血 来 潮 朝 那 个 地 方 放 一 炮 , 那 岂 不 是 要 挑 起 第 三 次 世 界 大 战 了 ?

  • They will kill us all!

    They will send misses and blow everything up. It is going to be bad until we can get this situation under control. Some people are trying to stop this but, it will most likely fail. Somebody needs to do something about it or else we will all die.Please stop these people.

  • A gun in a madman's hand

    Undoubtedly every country want to obtain nuclear tech for military propose, but there should be a precondition that countries use it for potential self-defense, that is, to hold it and declear to have it, but absolutely not to use it. Kim attempted to use the "great, latest tech ever" to threaten neighboring countries, that is totally not the correct usage. Given that Japan, South Korea and even other Weatern countries couldn't ensure it, the state that would suffer greatly is not solely the NK, but also the mass of innocence......

  • Honestly I support military action against N.K.

    Their citizens are starving, they do not adhere to the laws of the U.N. and they serve no purpose to anyone other than a barbaric part of the Chinese sphere of influence. They have the fourth largest military in the world and they have said in all clear terms that they do have intent to attack the United States and remove all western influence from their region. I believe that a large scale multinational military campaign would be the best solution to the current problem. As awful as war sounds, the idea that we should allow a nation to do as they please and gain weapons strong enough to upset the current balance of power (or worse yet cripple the entire 1st world via the M.A.D) is NOT a superior alternative.

  • No they should not have nukes

    This could lead to an arms race and destabilization of the Asia region, meaning that South Korea and Japan would need to be armed with nukes to balance out strategic power. China may start to increase its defenses and offensive weapons technology further adding stress to the Asia region and threatening the west dominance in the region, also steering other Asian countries to side diplomatically with china instead of the US/west.

    Another aspect is nuke blackmail by the North Koreans. The North Korean leadership is highly volatile and unpredictable and once fully equipped would likely use their new found power to dictate favorable terms to neighbors in terms of trade, wants and needs. If there was a break down and an unwillingness to meet a future nuke armed North Korea demands could spark a full on nuclear war.

  • Never ever even in my wildest dreams

    Who wants to die? Who wants us all to be doomed? What happens if the missles fall? We see a missle. We all die. The earth disappears from space. We don't feel any thing. I hope that North korea and the world will get together and there will be no war.
    P.S. I'm a korean. From south. Like I'm a south korean.

  • No for Sure

    By doing this again and again they are seriously causing problems for themselves only. This so called rocket man is seriously on a suicide mission... I think not only the United states but all other countries should come together and take all possible steps to stop this nonsense. For this I'm supporting Trump.

  • Nukes are bad

    They are bad because they could kill people. They shouldn't even be made. Why can't north Korea just try it on the ocean instead? It is safer. Trying it on city's is bad. But if we nuke north Korea then we would hit south side too. So that is why nukes shouldn't be real.

  • Not in a million years

    The North Korean government is unhinged. How on earth can we really trust what they would do with nukes? For those blaming Trump; it is not his fault they were threatening the United States long before he became president. Does anyone really trust a government who got upset over a movie?

  • Are you fvcking

    Kidding me. The guys on the "Yes" column are fvcking idiots. North Korea is threatening the US with fvcking nukes, and these guys fvcking support North Korea?! They are fvcking stupid. I think we should fvcking nuke North Korea. Man, the people in the "yes" column make me so fvcking sick.

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Gareth_BM says2017-09-15T22:10:29.847
NO one is going to say they should the question is what do you do about it.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-09-17T23:01:16.393
Gareth_BM, BOMB THE FUCK OUT OF EM. The only reason they have their current position of power is because we LET them. Now they're building a nuclear arsenal. They have even made it clear that they intend to build an arsenal comparable to mainland Europe.