Should Northern Ireland become an independent nation?

  • Could we sustain ourselves financially?

    Northern ireland has the highest strain on the nhs with increasingly high rates of diseases, illnesses and mental illness. Suicide rates are the highest here too. However we do have the current lowest rate of unemployment and consistently better levels of education. Could we financially sustain ourselves without UK or Ireland?

  • Northern Ireland should be independent.

    Neither Ireland nor United Kingdom really want Northern Ireland to be theirs. If nobody wants them they might as well be independent. I think starting a country would be better than being a part of a country that doesn't want you. To conclude, Northern Ireland should be an independent country.

  • New identity required

    Northern Ireland has no real identity, although people are proud to be from Northern Ireland. Some call themselves Irish, some Northern Irish, some British. Time for a proper identity with new anthem and a flag all can identify with. Not that it would be easy of course, but worth the debate in my opinion.

  • They should go it alone.

    Yes, I do think that Northern Ireland should become an independent nation at this point. The rest of the United Kingdom doesn't see them as being a real part of their country. God knows the true Irishmen in the Republic don't want to deal with that mess. Let them be their own country.

  • If The Population Supports It

    There are many Providences and states that our looking at the possibility of seceding from their current country. I believe when the population of that country agrees with that idea then they should definitely seek out ways to make it a reality. If the population of Northern Ireland wants to be independent, then it should be allowed.

  • They should not.

    Northern Ireland should not become an independent nation. They are already part of Ireland, and should not defect. This would only result in one outcome, and that would be a civil war. There is nothing wrong with how things are set up now, and there is no reason to change it.

  • No, it shouldn't.

    It's fine the way it is. If the world in a whole makes things more complicated by becoming independent countries, when will the world truly unite at least to the point of understanding one another and working together in a productive society. So no, I don't believe it should be independent.

  • Being a nation is hard

    Northern Ireland is the angsty teenager of the United Kingdom. Becoming a nation is about more than just the label you put on yourself. Currency, banking regulations, national agencies for everything from food safety to building codes require years of effort, and the (relatively) minor differences between the Irish would seem inconsequential in the face of those realities.

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