• Norway's whale-killing spree should come to an end

    The country of Norway is often held up as a model for progressive politics, with their gender equality and a "nanny state" that provides excellent healthcare for all its citizens. However, there is one significant way that Norway remains backwards: their practice of hunting whales. They should stop doing so in order to preserve a species that is in decline.

  • Modern nations support the internationalban on whaling

    What consumer products still come only from whales? If there are such, do they come from the species of whales that are legal Norway to hunt? If whale hunting is still a rite of passage in Norway, can the practice bemodified to feed the whales instead of hunt the to celebrate the bounty of the sea.

  • Yes, for ecosystem's sake

    Whales are on of the marine animal threatened by extinction. The numbers of different species have reduced drastically over the year due to hunting and pollution of their habitat. The Blue whale, which one of the biggest species of whale in terms of size is under threat of being declared endangered species and for this reason Norway should barn the hunting of whales altogether.

  • It is important to preserve the species we have on this planet.

    In our time, we are seeing more and more species of animals reaching the brink of extinction. So many factors go into the depletion of these species, and it is important to take measures to conserve them before it is too late. Therefore, I believe that Norway should stop hunting whales and help to preserve the population of that species.

  • OBVIOUSLY NOT!!! Look,

    I don't see why you shouldn't. If you are Norwegian you don't have to. But you can't really stop others. There's nothing wrong. I wouldn't do it, personally, but I can't stop others. Besides, you're not in charge of them, are you?? In Japan, they eat whales! There's absolutely nothing wrong.

  • Not your country

    Unless you are Norwegian you don't get to decide their laws. If they decide to adopt a tree hugger mentality than fine. But who are you to tell them to not kill whales? Come tell me I can't hunt deer, you may see a middle finger and hear go "F" yourself.

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