Should nuclear weapons be banned on a global scale?

  • Yes they should

    Imagine a war where both countries launch nukes on each other. Both countries will be destroyed. Pointless! A global ban would prevent global nuclear annihilation. Yes I know you think it prevents wars but without any weapons of mass destruction, you can't be threatened. If most countries are against nukes, any country that tries to rebel will be dealt with.

  • Yes, they should be.

    Nuclear weapons should be banned globally, because the havoc they wreak is unmatched by any weapon we've ever seen used before, including the atom bombs dropped by the United States. If everyone were to disarm at once, it would be a great day for the world and humanity as a whole.

  • Nuclear Weapons Banned

    I personally think that the humanitarian impacts of nuclear weapon use are more destructive than those of any other weapon developed throughout history. The main immediate effects are intense light and heat, a massive blast wave, and ionising radiation. Matter is vaporised. People are blinded. Blast effects pull apart buildings, crush people to death and cause hurricane force winds that hurl cars and masonry. The heat burns through skin and sets the landscape ablaze. Radiation and radioactive fallout cause sickness, that breaks down the organs of those that survived the blast. The effects cover wide areas.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe nuclear weapons should be banned on a global scale. I do not believe any regimen can justify using these weapons and they shouldn't be used. I also think it is wrong to tell one country not to have them while another country has them stock piled. We should get rid of them all.

  • There's no enforcing it.

    No, nuclear weapons should not be banned on a global scale, because there would be no way to ever police that to make sure that nations obey it. It would lead to trustworthy nations, like England, Israel and the United States, keeping their promises, which North Korea and Iran had nuclear weapons anyways.

  • No, I don't believe nuclear weapons should be banned on a global scale.

    Nuclear weapons are likely one of the key forces that prevents major nations from attacking one another, I believe the threat of mutual destruction is enough to maintain peace between hostile nations, any rouge nation found using nuclear weapons should be immediately dealt with by the global community through the United Nations.

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