• Nurses please strike

    It's about time nurses stood united. So many years nurses have accepted the unfair treatment given to them
    If indeed nurses are the back bone of the NHS then they have to speack up.
    It's not only about pay but also the working conditions
    Permanent nurses became fed up with the bullying, unsuportiveness, not been promoted, inflexibility (especially for those with children) and decided to quit and do agency with their limited company
    Now instead of the government to try and make changes that will attract nurses back to full time, they are rather trying to make life difficult for nurses
    You can no longer work with your ltd company if your contracts are with NHS ( even if you receive work through an agency and not NHS direct).
    Now they have passed the dumbest law of all that if you are permanently employed in an NHS trust you can't work in another NHS trust as an agency nurse
    When the government and NHS make such decisions that negatively affect nurses in all areas of their lives and not just professionally, then they have no choice but to unite and fight back if it means striking then so be it
    Nurses want to go to work happy because happy nurse = happy environment = happy patients and not be forced it's against thier human rights
    So many other industries that provide important service to the public strike all the time and get the government shaking in their boots.
    When are nurses going to shake the government in their boots, when will ENOUGH be ENOUGH
    Nurses have been very gentle (with peaceful and gentle negotiations that have not been effective,) otherwise the government would not be so disrespectful to think a 1% pay increase would help whilst CEOs who are not in the hustle and bustle are been paid hundreds of thousands or millions of pounds in bonuses.
    NURSES MUST STRIKE for this injustice to stop. We need to be radical in order to make a change especially as they have tried other ways and have always come out worst than before.
    A closed mouth is a closed destiny.

  • Yes, Nurses NEED to Strike.

    Nurses are people too, and no, their life does not revolve around patients. Most non-nurses would not do half the things we do for all the gold in the world. But money is not the only issue here. There is safety concerns, staffing rations, mandatory vaccination. Nurses deserve to strike just like anyone else. There will be others stuck in there taking care of your whinny ass if you happen to be stuck in a hospital at the time of the strike.

  • Yes, Nurses NEED to Strike.

    Nurses are people too, and no, their life does not revolve around patients. Most non-nurses would not do half the things we do for all the gold in the world. But money is not the only issue here. There is safety concerns, staffing rations, mandatory vaccination. Nurses deserve to strike just like anyone else. There will be others stuck in there taking care of your whinny ass if you happen to be stuck in a hospital at the time of the strike.

  • Doctors Strike despite 10 times the pay of Nurses

    Doctors get to strike every time for pay hikes. Nurses rarely get themselves organised for a strike and its imperative to say that nurses are the worst enemies of nurses. Senior docs support junior docs for strikes and such. Nurse managers and higher ups tend to put fear among junior nurses when thinking of pay hikes and strikes!

  • Yes nurses should be allowed to strike

    If nurses don't start making a stand there will shortly be no NHS as we recognise it how long can we continue to paper over the crack s, going without brakes ,staying late and doing extra all for no extra pay or thanks..... We do it so our patients can receive care they need, but there is a limit to how long this can continue. Nurses must take a stand to save our NHS.

  • Nurses are humans too, not machines.

    I see a lot of comments implying that nurses are going on strike due to monetary reasons only. Based on these it is quite clear that those who commented against strike action does not know the details of what goes on in the lives of nurses at work. It is very easy to judge on others watching from distance, but it is clearly wrong. Nurses will never put patient's lives and well being at risk above anything else, so we shouldn't use this misinformed idea to bully nurses to accept all the inappropriate treatment they receive. Nurses have careers just like everyone else, and illogical arguments to justify their roles to 'sacrifice' should be condemmed.

  • Nurse should strike.

    Nurses should strike, pay capped for so many years, doctors wanting 11% payrise. To many managers and people interferring with so called patient care, or in other words, money for the trust.
    Im reminded of what a patient said to me once "
    There are more honest people in government than the nhs "
    Hmm, How true.

  • Being forced to pay for the privilege of working

    When all arguments against increasing nmc fees yet again are ignored then a strike is the only way to let the nmc know nurses will not continue to allow themselves to be bullied. This increase is essentially a pay cut, let the public see what the nmc actually do for nurses ( mostly get them struck off ). Let the nmc shoulder the responsibility of a mass walk out by nurses and ensure the public are well aware that the nurses want to work but are prevented from doing so by the nmc, by the way, an unelected self regulating body who appear to think they can do anything they please.

  • If we are so important, treat us as such!

    Nurses tend to have something in common; so much compassion that they literally wear themselves out and kill themselves trying to take care of others. They usually play that role in the family structure as well. Nobody would be telling electricians not to strike, because in general, you can guilt nurses into doing things and ignoring their own needs. As a young nurse, who didn't come from that "walk all over me" generation, I will walk out of a job immediately if I'm being used and abused. Not because I have no thoughts about the health and welfare of my patient, but because I love my job, and I plan on continuing it until I retire, and I'm not about to lose my license or injure myself out of work because the paper pushers in admin think we don't need more staff. They have been firing LVNs, CNAs by the boatloads and guess who picks up their work? You got it, the RN. SO no. I will not put my hard earned license and my families well being on the line for patients and a hospital that can just be forced to reach in their pocketbook and hire Travelers to fill the need. THAT IS THE POINT. Then they see how much that company runs on RN backs. It's no secret that health care profits keep going up and up in the middle of any economic decline, they have the money, but they will use you up if you let them. Its not personal, its the nature of business.

  • Exploited group of healthcare workers

    Nurses are the backbone of patient care. They are inherently and instinctively caring and compassionate workers. Their focus is on their patient not on what management cares about which is profit and their fat salaries. Management cannot make patients well yet when the hospital receives accolades, awards, bonuses and community salutes, it is always directed to the management (the CEO, etc). Only the management gets a bonus when the hospital profits much from the saving measures the nurses are made to do or when management cuts nursing labor resulting to increased patient workload that threatens deterioration of patient care. On the average from studies done, nurses had to spend 2.5 hours per patient (on an average 8 hours shift) for them to finish all the task needed, such as assessment, medicine administration, explaining what they do, their patient's condition and the medications patients receive, bathing, cleaning urine and feces and changing diapers, cleaning and dressing wounds, putting urine catheters, giving ice, feeding, assisting with ambulation, etc and documenting all that. Which means, nurses with assigned 4 patients need 10 hours of work to finish those tasks for an 8 hours shift. This is the reality of the nurses working conditions. Is the administration propatient? No. The nurses are.

  • Are you CRAZY!!!! (and more importantly, DO YOU WANT TO KILL US ALL!!!!)

    You are going to strike, and put the thousands of lives you're trying to improve at risk, just for a better pay or more benefits! There are better ways to negotiate, but you decide, no my MONEY is more important than all those people I could be helping that are on the death bed. I mean for goodness sake, if you're unhappy about something, NEGOTIATE! Get a mediator, get what you want in a PEACEFUL manner. I mean you PROBABLY wouldn't tell your kids, oh, you don't like something, go on strike to get what you want, I'm sure your teaches and friends will REALLY appreciate that. As I'm sure many people have said before. YOU. ARE. IMPORTANT. Society needs you, we need you. Nurses are important and are treated fairly, but you shouldn't have to hurt society, and innocent people just to get what you want.
    (you're more important than you may think.)

  • Better ways to bargain!!

    There are better ways to bargain instead of strikes. Patient care is directly affected as replacement nurses cover when nurses strike happens. This is never the same as the nurses who are trained/oriented to that hospital. Strike breeds a culture of anger and brings out the worst in people. Nursing is looked upon as a profession of compassion for human life, and striking is a display of just the opposite.

  • It compromises patient care

    Under no circumstances should we compromise patient care. Using the publics health and wealfare should not be a way to encourage the goverment to increase wages, and any action should not be taken whilst on shift. Yes it would be wonderful to be paid a better salary, I did not enter this line of work for the salary. If we get our heads together and unite their may be a better solution to this.

  • Nurses should not strike!

    There are many sick peoples around the world. We see the doctor if so. However, what if your are surprised to find out that there was no nurses in the hospital and the doctors could not heal people easily because all the nurses around the world was on a strike? Then many people with sever diseases can die. Therefore I disagree with the idea that it is a nurses' right to strike.

  • Shouldn't use patient's lives as bargaining power

    Threatening the health and well being of patients to make more money is using terror to get your way and should have no place in a civilized society. What if prison guards threatened to go on strike and let all the prisoners go free if they didn't get a raise?

  • Nurses should not be allowed to strike for money

    This is a qualified NO. Fair hiring practices, work safety are good reasons to strike. No strikes allowed for money and/or benefits. Let the market determine compensation. The best hospitals will pay for the best people. Competition will make nursing better and hence the patients and society will benefit the most.

  • Nurses should not be allowed to strike.

    Nurses should not be allowed to strike because they are needed to save lives. Although nurses should be able to negotiate for better salary and benefits, their services are crucial for society. It would not be fair for patients to be denied care because of a nurses' strike. Rather, management should be sensitive to the necessity of their services.

  • No, not when patient care is at stake, especially Hosipital nurses.

    If nurses are in their position for money, they should not be nurses. I have seen the negative effects of unions, which results in retaining personnel who put patients lives in danger. My uncle died because of a nurse who was protected by unions. This nurse would normally be fired, for repeatedly using drugs while on the job. Eventually, she was eventually prosecuted. Thank you justice system. But I digress, I think that nurses are fairly compensated averaging base salary of about $67,610 (not including overtime). With overtime, they can make $80,000-$90,000 a year. In the news they say they are fighting for patience rights, but when you look at their sign they are fighting for more pay and better benefits.

  • Dangerous for patients

    I'm a physician who is also very much a liberal and I support collective bargaining. I'm currently working at a hospital that is facing an impending strike at the end of this week. That being said, people in direct care of patients have no right abandoning those patients. Its irresponsible and dangerous. If I as a physician did so it would be considered abandonment and I could be sued, not to mention I would feel like a terrible person. It should be the same for nurses. When other occupations go on strike they are not putting the lives, health, and safety of their patients at risk. As healthcare professionals we all took oaths to care for our patients - we know them best and we have the ability to care for them best. At the end of the day, our job is to care for patients - anyone who chooses not to do so clearly does not take their oath seriously.

  • Striking is not the answer

    No, nurses should not be allowed to strike. No one should be allowed to strike. Anyone who is lucky enough to have a job should do their job and use their off time to fight for better rights and treatment in the workplace. Striking only irritates people and causes them to be inconvenienced and not support your cause.

    People who have vital positions like nurses should realize that they are needed. To strike means that people needing medical attention could die or suffer severe consequences of not receiving adequate care.

    Striking is not the answer, particularly when others' lives are in your hands.

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