• They should catch up with the times

    Nutrition labels need to reflect today's standards so that we can see what is important. As experts find changes in what is important, this needs to be reflected on the nutrition labels. Consumers have a right to know what is contained in the products they are consuming, and this information should be prominently displayed.

  • Yes, nutrition labels should reflect today's standards.

    Nutritional labels are always required to have new standards and features with new laws getting passed everyday. There are plenty of food allergies in this world and that is why nutrition labels should always be up to standards. If a label isn't up to standards it should be required to be updated before the food can be sold.

  • Yes, it is important for consumers to know what they are buying.

    A nutrition label provides a better insight into what one consumes. It does not enable or prevent consumers from purchasing a good, so there is no harm done by accurately labeling a substance, but it allows a consumer to make an informed decision. As society becomes more educated, companies have an obligation to at least give consumers the opportunity to know what they consume.

  • No, there are no laws, however, that control other terms. And this is where things can get messy.

    Food label series examines the truthfulness, accuracy, and usefulness of label claims; in particular, front-of-package information.There’s a lot of information on any given package. How do you know what’s useful and accurate… and what’s not?
    Some label claims are governed by laws that say manufacturers can’t make false claims.For instance, a can of tomatoes must say “tomatoes”, and the consumer can be pretty confident that there won’t be tuna fish inside when she opens it. Problem: Terms that seem helpful or descriptive can actually be trademarks. Bought any Swiss Water® decaf lately? Sounds like a nice fresh spring is gently caressing the caffeine away from your coffee, doesn’t it?
    Well, Swiss Water® is actually a registered trademark of the Swiss Water Coffee Company, owned by Ten Peaks Coffee.

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