Should Oakland's interim sheriff have been fired over the department's sexual assault scandal?

  • Yes, Oakland's interim sherrif should have been fired.

    Yes, the interim sheriff in Oakland should have been fired over the department's handling of the sexual assault scandal. Sexual assaults involving law enforcement departments cannot be tolerated. Officials that are responsible for running these departments should be held accountable when someone is the victim of an assault. This would force law enforcement officials to take sexual crime allegations much more seriously.

  • Yes, its against the code of conduct

    There is no reason as to why the sheriff should not have been fired given all the evidence that pointed clearly to the occurrence of the sexual assault. I would have served the purpose of teaching others a lesson, but as it stands it like one can walk scoot free after committing such despicable crime.

  • Yes he should be.

    In fact, Oakland's interim sheriff was fired over the department's sexual assault scandal. If he knew that many of his police officers had slept with an underage teenage girl then I do not see how he could have possibly kept his job. Not only that, but the police officers disclosed sensitive information to the girl too.

  • Sexual assault scandals should oust authority figures

    Oakland is not the first community to be rocked by a sexual assault scandal, but it may be one of the first to fire an authority figure over mishandling of a case. I believe that it was right for the interim sheriff to be dismissed because he wasn't doing his job.

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