• Yes, he should.

    Very Trump-like attitude from Duterte. Seems many in the world are turning to infantile, low-class, foul-mouthed, ignorant bullies for leadership. The Filipinos are, as a group, are one of the most friendly and polite cultures in the world. Most would be embarrassed by the acts of this clown. Exactly what do you think that Obama did that was wrong here?

  • Yes, Obama was right to cancel the meeting with the Phillippine president

    Obama cancelled the meeting with President Duterte due to the insulting slur that was said. It is rare for Obama to cancel a meeting but this was a delicate situation. Duterte did not want to discuss human rights and blames the U.S. for the country's drug problems. It is important for Obama to be welcomed to the foreign country and not feel threatened or insulted.

  • Insult Shows Disrespect

    He should had cancelled meeting Philippines president because being insulted in such a derogatory way is no way for a leader of a country to behave especially towards a guest as prestigious as the President of the United States. If he went ahead with the meeting, it would show that the Philippine president's behavior and manner of speaking is acceptable when it is very much not the case.

  • Obama makes the correct cal in teh Phillippines

    President Obama made the correct call by cancelling the meeting with the Phillippines' president. The latter threatened that he was going to be vulgar, and Obama has no reason to stand for that behavior. There is certain behavior that is expected, particularly of political leaders. This kind of talk does not help foster a relationship.

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