Should Obama lower the standards for being in the Special Forces for women?

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  • It's bad enough that we've dumbed down the education system to accommodate illegal aliens.

    So the answer is no. Our military has already slipping into a sub par state by allowing gays and illegal alien gang members to infiltrate and corrupt their ranks. If women want to serve on the front line they should be held to the same high standards as men. Don't allow Obama and the liberals to destroy the finest military force on the planet.

  • Women's Rights & Equality

    Women are in the military and what not, but to lower the standards for the special forces namely to be politically correct is absurd! The standards are set high for a reason, being in the special forces is an intense thing, and not just anyone can handle it. Many men as well as women can't meet the standards and to lower that bar just to have women for variety sake is something that could jeopardize the safety of all.
    And for you feminist who scream otherwise, having women's equality is not something you bend the rules for. I'm a woman, and I'm all for equality, but i also believe in earning it going down the same path and being EQUAL in our approach about it.

  • Good idea, lower standards....

    This is all we need in the "new Army" EVEN lover standards. I'll be leaving the Army in 11 days. I have to say i was let down by my experience. Basic training was a joke. We got packages filled with candy from our families, ot to use our cell phones 3 times, the drill sergeants cant curse, put out your red card and they have to stop yelling at you. In our units when you fail a physical fittnes test nothing happens. When someone doesnt make weight or tape nothing happens. What is this crap? Oh! I have idea, lets lower the standards even more! Our "supperior Army is going to get a rude awakening when we enter a real Army vs Army war.

  • The Special Forces are elite members of the United States military trained for high-risk missions that require the most suited to the job to perform.

    Lowering the requirements for who can join the special forces is an inherently moronic idea, considering the fact that it will inflate the numbers of the group with members who would otherwise fail most tests, but it would present an inherent danger to our military forces because we would have chosen to disregard the safety of our soldiers for political correctness. The reason for such strict recruiting into special forces is so that we won't have individuals who weigh the group down. It is reserved for the best of the best, and their duty is to ensure likely survival in the event of tragedy.

    If we decide to force our military to recruit individuals incompetent for the job, not only does it endanger our special forces operatives, but it shows the country and the world that we are willing to put our soldiers in the ground in the name of political correctness.

    If a woman can meet the standards of special forces as they are now, she should be recruited. If she can not, then she can not. We should never, ever even consider it in favor of political correctness.

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