• Yes, it's time to adapt to climate change.

    The US, China and Russia are all positioning themselves to benefit from Arctic exploration and development of the fossil fuel resources in the region. Like it or not (fossil fuels really aren't something one 'likes'), the world runs on them. Food, Water, Air, Shelter and Energy are all equally necessary for civilization and the future of mankind. We don't have any alternatives to replace any of these things, someday we might but right now, we don't - there is no Magic Fairy Dust.

  • Environment is already in danger

    Humans are having a serious effect on the planet with drilling, using fossil fuels, and depleting natural resources. Exploiting the resources in the Arctic might make short-term sense because we would have more fuel, but it would be way worse for the planet in the long run. Obama should rule out looking for more oil and gas sources and instead focus on renewable energy.

  • Obama should not explore for more oil

    I think the Arctic is already in enough trouble already, with the current global warming crisis. Also, we already have a good supply of oil coming from the Middle East. Exploring in the Arctic for more oil does not make sense to me. We should be reducing our dependency on oil instead of looking for more of it.

  • No, Obama should not rule out more Arctic oil and gas exploration.

    President Obama should not rule out oil and gas exploration in the Arctic. The United States should do everything it can to become energy independent. The country would be benefited if it no longer had to buy oil from the likes of OPEC, Russia and Venezuela. It is not in the national security interests of the United States to support many of these governments. In short, President Obama should be promoting more oil and gas drilling in the Arctic.

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