• Burning money, not fat

    I agree completely with the argument that the individual below has stated. If Obese people are not going to take the matter into their own hands, and deal with their weight, then why should we have to pay for their lack of motivation? If they are are fine with the health issues that come along with being obese, that's fine, but they should have to pay for them. Not us. I also have a feeling that if they were required to pay more taxes, America would see a decline in obesity, even from those who "can't" control their weight.

  • Yes, they cost society more money

    Obese people require much more medical attention than thinner, and healthier individuals. If Americans will not allow the government to dictate laws designed to control obesity (soda limit in NYC comes to mind) and they themselves will not control their weight, then they should be forced to pay for the consequences. Obese people take up space in hospitals and cost millions of dollars in avoidable illnesses. Obesity is an epidemic and needs to be controlled, but it will not be until the true costs are associated with it.

  • Obesity derived from junk food and bad eating habits

    If your obesity derives from junk food and bad eating habits, a yearly tax should be calculated on each pound in excess of ten percent of the standard weight recommended based on height, age, gender. Some incentives could be granted to those who are willing, like free access to gyms.

  • Yes, an obesity tax makes complete sense!

    I agree with many of the arguments here. Thinking that I indirectly am paying more than my fair share is very disheartening. I work with and have managed some obese people. Obese people not only consume a disproportionate amount of medical care, but they miss a lot of time from work due to their many illnesses. So not only is my medical insurance more expensive due to fat people, but I have to do their work for them also!

  • Yes to fat tax!

    I've seen estimates that state 200 billion a year extra is spent on obesity related medical expenses. By 2030 the amount is supposed to be 500 billion! We tax and shame smokers why not obese people? Shaming and taxing smokers has been effective in dramatically reducing the number of smokers. I don't see why obesity would be any different

  • Bullyish? Definitely not.

    If this seems bullyish to you, you are wrong. The real bullies are the people who leech on our medical care and drive up the rates. People have a choice to be overweight, and if they want to be like that, they will pay for the money they are causing others to pay.

  • YES to a fat tax

    I am all for a fat tax. Do not tax any food, tax the fat people via the IRS the same way obummer care works. Additionally, as the pounds go up so should the fine. It's highly unfair for people who work hard to stay fit to pay higher rates for insurance because the fat people run up costs. Also, anyone who has traveled via airplane is charged by how much their luggage weighs. I suggest that people should be weighed with their luggage and pay accordingly and if someone can't fit in a seat without trespass on people around them then they should be required to by an extra seat(s). It also Burns more fuel to haul "weight" be it an airplane, bus or car thus more emissions.Don't like what I'm saying? Get off your fat azz and lose weight!

  • It's better to the society

    Imposing tax on obese people can discourage them from having unhealthy diets and lead a healthier lifestyle. Obese people may have other related diseases like heart disease and high blood pressure. Discouraging these from happening can reduce the burden of such immense medical cost on the government. More healthy people can be having good effects in the society as they have higher productivity which promotes economic growth and a better pubic health condition(which accounts for many other good effects).

  • Tax everything, Tax this message and my thoughts to why not?

    Sure tax obesity why not right. Matter of fact tax anorexics as well also people born with deformities or people who take to many prescription drugs or illegal drugs. And smokers how about those crazy rebels, and you can't leave out people who drink and yes including whine don't think you'll be off this tax hook.

    Look listen to everyone here I admire you're opinions and your right to free speech. We have to all collectively acknowledge the true root of the problem. Here we are granted basic freedoms to life and it is not anyone's business what I do you do or anyone does so long as they mean to or do not create a harmful or dangerous environment for others.

    What we need to do is not tax the people what good does it do to put the burden on us further while in this case the junk food industry has ran the public safety to hell with its dangerous products. But this is ok correct we let big company's come in and control our lives and actions. If you really sit down and contemplate the bearer of the fortune of taxing the citizens regardless if it's over weight people, carbon tax, or any tax nothing has been done nor will be done to adjust this offset of unfairness called privilege tax. You honestly think that by taxing obese people that will somehow control weight problems attack the food manufactures and mcdonalds before you even think of suggesting excess taxes.

    On a simple note think over the years more taxes what has this helped but put more control into governments power and if you look at our current state it was not me or you that has crippled the monetary system we call the dollar 19 trillion dollars I'm debt plus and they have already taken our social security money and get this "narrowed" the money and charging us interest for it until payed, and yes it's written right anytime governments barrow money they promise this to be payed back with interest and yes I've deeply researched this. So why you want to give more money to these corrupt politicians is beyond me, if you want to control everyone's life and tax them on every possible thing in this world go dig up Hitler and have a party that is not how America operates.

  • Obama Told me To

    There are too many obese idiots in our ugly world, so, basically, eat less you fat cow. Fitness is number one. A very good way to stay fit is a lot of intercourse. Tell your mother I asked how she's doing, ask if her legs are still hurting from last week. Thnx

  • No way!

    The government is looking for another way to tax someone. People are obese for many reasons. I was injured on the job, and I have gained a lot of weight because I am limited to what I can do. I used to be very athletic and thin. Now, I am overweight and fighting workman's comp to fix my hand. Just because someone is overweight or obese does not give the government the right to tax or discriminate against them because there could be a reason why that person has a weight problem!

  • Obese People Should Not Pay More Taxes

    I believe there are a lot pf people that should be paying more taxes than they are, but obese people are not any of those individuals. It is ridiculous to base the amount of taxes you pay on how much you weigh. Obese people should not have to pay more taxes than others.

  • No we should not!

    What about drug addicts? Alcoholics? They must cost the NHS way more than fat people do. If they were to bring fat tax in then I for one will be done with paying taxes. I am going to be straight down that jobcentre claiming benefits. Why do I work full time funding the holiday camps(also known as prison) and the lazy people who pop a baby out every 5 minutes?! Now for them to add fat tax just because you don't have a perfect body...NO!

  • Nonono non on

    No no nog, t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t tt t t t t t t t t t t t t t t

  • Some people can't help it

    It is not exactly their fault for eating foods they want. It is just dumb that people think that fat people pay taxes. Look at how the obese people feel. They are already made fun of anyways, and besides, they are still humans like you and me. What about people who have been convicted of a crime. They should pay more taxes. The government is just trying to get more money. How greedy.

  • Obese people should not be taxed.

    Aside from the fact that many people have thicker bones than others due to genetics, many have an uncontrollable condition causing them to be overweight. With certain needed medications being a known problem to increase weight gain many don't have a choice on whether they're gaining weight or not, and they continue to spend money on the prescribed medication to help another problem needed to be fixed, and then they have to worry about being taxed more when they're already spending more money than the average person on medical expenses? Not to mention the 15% anorexia rate in teens caused by an ideal image to fit societys standards, more teens will develop an eating disorder to stay away from the worry of feeling as if they'll be taxed once they reach adulthood. 20% of teens die from an eating disorder and the percent will drastically increase from putting pressure on self conscious teens feeling as if they need to fit a standard.

  • No fat people should not be taxed for being obese

    If we do tax obese people because of their size they won't feel like their people they will feel like they are animals. There will be more anorexic kids and parents people feel like their fat BUT THEY ARE NOT. They are so skinny that people on the streets will think are they dieing but no they just want to be skinny. If they turn anorexic their bones will be fragile and might even break easier than if they were fat. So that's why I disagree with fat people should be taxed more.

  • Obesity is caused by many things, why tax them if it's caused by weird things.

    Look, I'm over weight, lets face it. But why should I have to payer more because of it. I got depressed because of bullying and depression over my child hood. Because I suffered during my child hood, I need to pay for it? Now, if you read this, I just want you to think of that. Think.

  • Let's put a full stop to obese people getting fined!

    Obese people should not get fined when visiting the NHS because they pay taxes that go towards the NHS so they should be allowed to go for free. Who are we to say that they should get fined only just to get medication. Maybe they had been extremely sick and took to bed and had to stay in bed and because of that they became overweight for burning the glucose in their bodies. Because of this they become obese and probably became more ill because of their rest. They should not get fined because they are citizens of our country and they also have right we should respect. Also, say for example that an obese person was a doctor, but not any ordinary doctor, a very good one. They, because of their knowledge, would be benefiting the country and so my argument can be summed up thus: Don't judge people on their appearances. You may never know what is locked up on the inside.

  • Obese people should not pay more taxes

    Who doesn't want to have the right sized body? A woman wants a sexy body,slim, slender and of perfect size...
    A man wants a perfect six packs body who would make every girl go crazy...
    But is it really possible for everyone? Absolutely not..
    I personally saw it..Being obese has many causes..
    It can be genetically, due to medicines and many other factors..
    Let's take the genetic one: A family where one or both parents is/are overweight and have more that 1 children, at least one of the children becomes overweight because it is hereditary..He/she inherits this from the parent/s..
    Medicines also is a cause for obesity.. For example my brother is mentally retarded from birth.. Till the age of 10, he used to weight around 35 kg.. But as he was getting older his medicines and their dose started to be increased.. From the age of 15 he started gaining weight and since then there's no control.. Despite the fact that his medicines had already been changed...He was getting new ones and with less dose..And he walks for 1 hour everyday and is careful about what he eats.. Today my brother is 25 years old and weighs about 90 kg. He's tried everything he heard about to lose weight, even went to many drug stores to buy herbal teas, medicines and all that could help him shed those weight but to no avail..Nothing worked on him... So is that really his fault? Y should he pay for something he has not asked for????

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