Should old cisgender men have a say in laws surrounding female reproductive organs?

  • Women have a say in laws surrounding male reproductive organs.

    Women can vote on circumcision laws, and that relates to male reproductive organs. Therefor men can have a say in laws regarding female reproductive organs. Men don't have to experience to understand, in the same way someone does not need to have ever been depressed in their life understanding their friend wanting to die.

  • Everyone has the capacity to be a fair judge.

    Censoring someone from even having a say in a debate based on factors they cannot help (being male, old and cisgendered) is just unfair and it's something our society has been trying to move away from. This is a democracy and the entire populace should be encouraged to voice their opinions, even if they have opinions you don't necessarily agree with. What does being old and cisgendered have to do with womens rights btw? Do young and transgendered people have some sort of insight that is otherwise unattainable?

  • Not a chance

    The thing is, a man will never go through what a women has to go through. Women rarely ever rape men. I'm not saying it never happens, but it's rare. The thing is, if a women gets raped and then gets pregnant, she should have a say of abortion or not. Not a man. It's not going to happen to him. It's going to happen to her. Therefore, men shouldn't be allowed to decide for women.

  • No. Guys arnt the ones that are going to be mainly effected, women are

    It is our body. It is our rights. Men will never understand or truely be a women. Thats like women thinking a guy should get a ball chopped off. Even though its your reproductive system, you think we should have the say to get one of your balls removed. How is that going to effect us?..Who knows..Maybe we wont be as satisfied, maybe we will get pregnant less. Point is its a certain genders rights and they should not be violated by the opposite gender. Its wrong to think your voice is better then the actually genders you are voting on.

  • No, men don't undestand.

    No, men should not have law surrounding female reproduction, because men can't understand what they have never experienced. It is unfair for women to have old white men telling them what to do for their entire lives. The women that have to live through it should be able to make laws that pertain to them.

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