• One parent should stay home

    That's the way it's been for years, one parent (traditionally the mother) stays home for the majority of the time. Especially if there are children. That may sound sexist but that's history. The father is usually just as capable of childcare and home support.

    Who's going to be out working for financial support if both parents are home most of the time? Because of that, one should stay, and one should go.

  • Women's should not stay at home

    As nowadays, men and women are treated equal for the world. So every women in this world needs to be working as all men. I already know that one parent is necessary to be at home to take care of their kids. But what I want to say is that every women should be educated so that they may not not face any problem during their difficulties.


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Morgenroete says2016-08-04T21:27:29.103
The question is too general and can't be answered other than with "it depends".
In what age range is the child?
Are there other siblings, twins?
Does the family have financial stability?
Does the family have a trusted support network?
What are the personal preferences of each of the parents?
Is part-time bread winning an option?

I know families where both parents stayed home for a longer period of time. Others hired some form of child care as soon as the baby was past 2 months. Others where both worked reduced hours and took shifts with the baby. My grandma stayed home, while grandpa worked. My dad stayed home, while my mom worked. My partner is staying home, but we she feels isolated so we don't know how long she'll hold up...