Should one use "shame and blame" in order to change teenage behavior?

  • Teens hate negative attention, so yes!

    Absolutely, I don't have any problem with that whatsoever. Those of you who are teenagers probably don't like the idea, precisely because it's something that you would never want to happen to you. And that's why adults like me, like this idea. We remember how desperate as teens we were to fit in, and we would modify our behavior to make sure we didn't stand out.

  • Whatever Works to Alter Behavior

    Whatever works to alter the behavior of today's teens, the better. If "shame and blame" completely humiliates someone without causing bullying, drug abuse or death, I say go for it. At least parents are showing their kids they give a darn about their welfare by using this tactic. "Shame and blame" is better than completely ignoring your kids and serves a much better purpose than simply hitting them.

  • Shame and blame is acceptable.

    I think that shaming and blaming a teenager is a great way to try and adjust teenage behavior. It shows the teen what they did wrong and then it tells them why it is wrong. It is a great way to teach a lesson and has been used all over the world.

  • Shame and blame is bullying

    Its like those adds with the sad toddler shaming his mother for having him young, its wrong. It can scare kids into getting abortions which can be emotionally damaging and cause teenagers who are already parents to feel ashamed of their families when they are doing the best they can. As a teen mom myself, I found the campaign rude and I am not a statistic or a stereotype, neither is my husband, or my daughter, and those campaigns did nothing to prevent but mostly just made teen moms feel inadequate and like failures.

  • Shame doesn't work

    All of the religious leaders and moralizing politicians that constantly seem caught up in sex scandals etc. prove one thing: shame doesn't work to change behavior. Shaming and blaming only works to torture and hurt kids and teenagers in the long term; why do this, when its easier just to let them live their lives happy?

  • No one should use "shame and blame" in order to change teenage behavior.

    No one should use "shame and blame" in order to change teenage behavior. There are other alternatives to this approach that would be more effective to modify teenage behavior. Shaming or blaming your children seems like a waste of time. It would be more effective to tell them the truth on why you are disappointed with the actions they chose.

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